QUIZ: Which Kind of Lover Are You?

Did you know there are different types of love? Based on research, these types of love can be divided into 6 categories. Much of what we know about the affairs of the heart, commonly referred to as “Love Types” comes to us from the ancient Greeks. This makes sense when you consider that Greek philosophers made it their business to study the construct of love through the lens of observation.

So, which type of lover are you? Take the test to find out.

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  1. Ive been taking tests for the past few hours and none of them are giving me my test results!

  2. I got the Ludus outcome. I don’t see myself like that at all. I have been with the same guy for 8 years and have been faithful the whole time. T_T But I do have a spontaneous side.

  3. I took it twice with different answers and i still got the same result. Definately not accurate either, describes my own lover more than me.

  4. I think it picked up a couple of things that were accurate but mostly not accurate.

  5. It actually was completely off, “Mania”, possessive love? I am FAR too socially awkward to be possessive, and I’m also just really chill? I am one of the most empathetic and “live and let be” people you could meet and it calls me possessive? How? I wasn’t sure on some of the options (being such an introvert) that I just picked the option that seemed to be “let them decide really, I have no strong preference”. And that’s possessive? I’m just confused and slightly disappointed in this quiz.

  6. I don’t understand why everyone is being like this? I, personally, thought that it was a great kne…

  7. Don’t think the quiz is as good as it could be as some of the questions and answers are not wholly accurate as for some people could easily choose all, but one option for some questions. Like with the birthday one. I’d much more prefer a deeper quiz to get a more accurate sense of my love style.

  8. Well this was definitly wrong. I’ve had game playing type of love, but I’m very commited, talk very much about myself and would never make my partner fear that I could ever cheat on him!

  9. How does liking a certain color, animal, or date locale have any correlation to these results? how on Earth can you tell so much about a person based on all of these questions? how much legitimate psychology is this based on?

  10. I got storge (companionate love) and I think it’s completely accurate haha.

  11. I think that some people on this quiz are straight missing the point. It isn’t extremely accurate because they’re simple answers and no one can give that to you unless they know you personally extremely well. However I don’t think these answers are totally off base either. The point is that you still learn a little something from the results it gives you. You may not be the whole deffinition but there is some truth in a habit or something you may do. That or some people aren’t willing to accept some of the answers because they outright don’t want to be seen as such. Conclusion: (Which you PROBABLY aren’t but the point is learning little tidbits about yourself or how something you can do can be read like this.)


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