Which Scent You Pick Reveals a Lot About Your Personality – QUIZ

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The things you like can tell others a lot about you. On a daily basis you encounter a lot of scents and smells, and while a lot of people have a specific perfume they like to spray on, there’s also a lot to say about smells you encounter as you go about your day. In this personality quiz, we will talk about what the smells you are drawn to can tell us about the way you function. Because it’s such a subconscious thing, the way you react to certain smells is really connected to who you are and what you are like. Find a calm place, take a deep breath and imagine all of the following smells. Then pick the one that speaks to you the most.

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More about psychology and scents

Did you know that scents influence your spending?


In a study conducted by Madzharov, Block and Morrin (2015) found that people were more likely to open they wallet if their environment smelled like ‘warm scents’, such as vanilla and cinnamon. The reason why this works was quite surprising. They found that warm scents lead people to perceive the space around them as more socially dense, more crowded with people. People feel less in control in crowded spaces, and buying things can make you feel as if you gain back some of that control. That’s what the researchers reasoned.

Simple scents vs. complicated perfumes

The simpler the scent, the more you spend. A study by Spangenberg, Sprott and Zidansek (2012) suggests that you spend up to 20% more money when shopping in an area with a simple scent, as opposed to no particular scent or a more complicated perfume. The researchers developed two scents, a simple orange scent and a more complicated orange-basil with green tea scent. Over 18 weekdays they watched more than 400 customers in a home decorations store. Some of the days the store smelled the way it always does, some days the store smelled like orange. On other days researchers used the complicated perfume. The days with the simple scent showed a remarkable increase in sales. Although this didn’t happen with every individual on those days, the effect is noteworthy.

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  1. petrol and other things like that have a tendency to be picked up by me
    while I say this works its very strange.
    but it works.

  2. Yes, I found it really informative and accurate! Can’t get any scarier than this. Who knew a choice of perfumes or scents could tell you so much about a person. I can’t wait to try it.


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