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Hi! If you found this page, it means you are interested in a role at psych2go as a script or screen play writer. It means you are interested in making a difference in people’s lives by sharing your research or writing skills to help us create effective scripts. The scripts then become animated videos that get shared to millions of people around the world. Imagine the impact.

This role is ideal for someone who’s passionate about mental health, improving their creative writing, been through a lot, and want to connect with others.

Without further ado, here are the FAQ’s.

  1. How old do I need to be to apply? How much credentials do I need?

Psych2Go’s mission is to make psychology and mental health topics more accessible to the world. This means that regardless of your background, if you can accurately research information, write in a way that’s engaging to the audience, we would love to take you on. After all, we ourselves started as a team of university and even high school students who just wanted to make our mission come true. Look at where we are now! 4 million plus lives impacted!

2. Can I work for you even if I live in another part of the world?

Yes, the power of online is that we can combine our skills from anywhere in the world and still be able to work together! Most of our team communication happens through emails and then you get moved into our private management board where you can participate in topics you are interested in.

3. How does payment work?

The reason we are even able to hire underage people is because we are doing contracted work. Anyone nowadays, can start their business at any age, charge people money. So why can’t we hire you as a contractor? You will simply bill us every time a project is completed. We will go more details into this after you do make it into the “PAID staff team” though. We have too many writers and always need to be careful with our finances since we’re talking about lives and finances are the lifeline of what we can do. Paypal is the mode of transfer, and payment schedule is bi weekly.

4. Will I be able to make this a full time job?

Yes, we already in fact have three full time staff writers. They all started like you. Worked on 1 or 2 topics initially. The team saw potential and hired them for more projects and eventually, the writers get multiple projects a week consistently.

5. Can I quit anytime?

Yes, that’s the beauty of our work nature too. You are a contractor, meaning you are paid by project and you can quit or decide not to work for us any point in time. Lucky enough, none of our writers ever want to quit! The difference we make in people’s lives are infinite. And it’s so hard nowadays to get paid for writing, so what better than psych2go?

6. Can I refer a friend or someone to this role?

Yeah! We love friends working together! Maybe one day, you can be a team leader and bring on people at this rate! Management is another person we are recruiting too!

7. Can I learn about the actual requirements of the script now?

Yes, you need to use google doc, write it in screenplay format. If you don’t know what that looks like, you better know how to self research. Finding proactive team members are also what we look for.

Step 2. Make sure you selected or were assigned a test topic. If not, you can refer to the list of available topics here:

If you can’t see this list, let us know.

Step 3. Set up a Google Doc

Step 4. Start creating your draft in screen play format

Step 5. Format is:

Introduction: Generally is 3-4 sentences long. It can start off with a BIG question, then follow by hooks or incentives to watch the video. You can talk about a story or life scenario that you went through, and why watching till the end could potentially save a life in the future.

Paragraph 2 is the first point. Generally, we use listicle format, but you are free to take on a different approach. If you choose the listicle format, start with your most interesting point. Maybe a statistic or shocking point. Each paragraph should be roughly 3-4 sentences long before it gets boring. Be sure to use examples or references or quotes that the audience can easily relate to. Use questions to engage the audience more instead of advice! For example, if you want to say “Go for exercise as it helps boost your dopamine”, try “Do you recall the last time you went for a run and how that felt? Your body actually releases dopamine.. a feel good chemical just like sex.”

Do you get the point?

Tone: You want to be casual, yet remain sounding credible, and empathetic. You can add humours or pop culture references or examples to keep the content more up to date. Since we have a consistent narrator try to imagine her voice reading your script.

Time your script by reading it out loud. Generally 5 minutes is our aim, but if you feel you can create a really engaging story, then you can aim for more.

Lastly, 8, when can I start?

Go ahead and email us the topic you are interested in with a sample intro paragraph followed by points 1 and 2, and we will have someone our team provide feedback!

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