What Is Your Strongest 4 Quadrant Personality Trait? QUIZ

You may be familiar with Meyers-Briggs 16 personality types, but have you heard of William Moulton Marston’s four-quadrant model? They’re both related to each other, as they are both personality theories with certain “types” as outcome. The four-quadrant model is also often referred to as DiSC behavioral assessment, and it’s often used in relation to group dynamics, or group roles. You might find it used in workplaces, companies and schools. The system started out quite simplified, but turned into a more elaborate type-based system as psychologists elaborated on the theory (Kravits 2014) There will be more explanations of the associations of each type after the questions and results section below. We put them after the quiz to try our best not to influence you before you start.

In this quiz we will help determine what is probably your strongest quadrant, and based on the response we could write a more elaborate one about more specific combinations resulting in types.


How it works: you get sets of four statements, and each set appears twice. In the FIRST set you click which is MOST fitting. In each SECOND set you click which one fits you LEAST. Some statements might occur in more than one set. This is normal and part of the mechanism of questions.

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The theory that served as a basis for the fully fledged testing instrument was formulated by Marston in 1928. It was Walter V. Clark who was the first to “build” a full test based on the theory. He did this around 1948.

The abbreviation DiSC comes from: Dominant, Influential, Steady and Conscientiousness: the main four quadrants. Each quadrant is referred to as either quadrant or style, and there are a lot of complex mixes. Style is often used because each of the complex combinations includes references to a behaviour “style”. Every person has their own style blend. This theory of personality is often seen as a bit more fluid, or blurry in its boundaries, rather than having very strictly defined edges.

The original letters were formulated to mean: dominance, inducement, submission, and compliance, but several psychologists have amended or adapted the model to be more nuanced.

The four quadrant model shows which one of the four styles is most present in your blend of behaviour. Each part has specific descriptive words associated with it. You can find some of them in the image below.

Please share this quiz, for example on tumblr and facebook, with your type assessment and what you thought of it! If you have any questions, hit us up on tumblr or facebook too!

Disclaimer: this is only to give a suggestion which might be your strongest quadrant, it is very much possible that you scored almost equally high on two categories. No rights can be derived from engaging with this or any of our content.


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Dr A. J. Drenth. 

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  1. I loved it! The results fit me so well!!! I like how this theory is fluid.

  2. Wow, it’s interesting that I’ve tried this personality test! I am absolutely amazed at how the result goes as it tells me who I really am. Its result is accurate, thanks for this experience!


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