Want to know what is the trait about you that is scary, weird, or gross? Here’s the bummer, no one is safe from this as well are all human. Each of us has our own set of negative qualities, and we have the right to know about it. Finally, this is your chance to do so! Just answer the questions in the quiz below without thinking too much and read about your creepiest trait. Have fun!

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  1. You Are An Emotionally Volatile Nightmare
    Your heart guides you and sometimes that’s not as dreamy or romantic as it might sound. It’s true that your feelings often inspire you to heal and create, and as long as those feelings don’t steer you wrong, you’re capable of truly visionary accomplishments in the name of empathy and love.

    Feelings, though, aren’t always gentle and sweet. You know that better than anyone, because your own emotions – the same overwhelming forces that inspire you to make the world a better place – can take you to very dark places, especially if you believe that the subject of your ire has shown unwarranted cruelty toward you or something you hold dear. You know that your feelings aren’t necessarily rational, but that doesn’t stop you from dramatically blaming other people for causing you pain. Of course, you might not even stop at crying; that notoriously brilliant creativity might even spur you to express your wrath artistically – nothing says “emotional stability” like a morose, vengeful poem.

  2. It didn’t give me any results. It showed me that I completed100% of the questions, but I didn’t get told anything.

  3. Okay it says I’m shockingly violent…. but I never hurt anyone. The worst I’ve done is kill bugs. The only thing I can think of that it might be referring to is my self hatred. Sometimes when I have anxiety attacks my self hatred gets so bad I see flashes of violent things happening to me. The majority of my brain is like “NO THANK YOU!” But there’s always a tiny part that says “yeah that’s about right.” But I’d never hurt anyone and I’ve never been violent towards anyone.

  4. Hey khristina my serial killer friend… I guess we’re both serial killers…. Look me up on Tumblr isee73-TEARSRUNRED; we’ll go smash the hell outta some corn flakes!

  5. This one is totally off the mark, whoever your getting to do some of these obviously knows nothing about psychology because they’re missing it, my answer was nothing like me, I’ve never been two-faced to anyone and i hate gossip.

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