Want to know what is the trait about you that is scary, weird, or gross? Here’s the bummer, no one is safe from this as well are all human. Each of us has our own set of negative qualities, and we have the right to know about it. Finally, this is your chance to do so! Just answer the questions in the quiz below without thinking too much and read about your creepiest trait. Have fun!

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  1. You Are An Emotionally Volatile Nightmare
    Your heart guides you and sometimes that’s not as dreamy or romantic as it might sound. It’s true that your feelings often inspire you to heal and create, and as long as those feelings don’t steer you wrong, you’re capable of truly visionary accomplishments in the name of empathy and love.

    Feelings, though, aren’t always gentle and sweet. You know that better than anyone, because your own emotions – the same overwhelming forces that inspire you to make the world a better place – can take you to very dark places, especially if you believe that the subject of your ire has shown unwarranted cruelty toward you or something you hold dear. You know that your feelings aren’t necessarily rational, but that doesn’t stop you from dramatically blaming other people for causing you pain. Of course, you might not even stop at crying; that notoriously brilliant creativity might even spur you to express your wrath artistically – nothing says “emotional stability” like a morose, vengeful poem.

  2. It didn’t give me any results. It showed me that I completed100% of the questions, but I didn’t get told anything.

  3. Okay it says I’m shockingly violent…. but I never hurt anyone. The worst I’ve done is kill bugs. The only thing I can think of that it might be referring to is my self hatred. Sometimes when I have anxiety attacks my self hatred gets so bad I see flashes of violent things happening to me. The majority of my brain is like “NO THANK YOU!” But there’s always a tiny part that says “yeah that’s about right.” But I’d never hurt anyone and I’ve never been violent towards anyone.

  4. Hey khristina my serial killer friend… I guess we’re both serial killers…. Look me up on Tumblr isee73-TEARSRUNRED; we’ll go smash the hell outta some corn flakes!

  5. This one is totally off the mark, whoever your getting to do some of these obviously knows nothing about psychology because they’re missing it, my answer was nothing like me, I’ve never been two-faced to anyone and i hate gossip.

  6. I have a question…. HOW the fuck do you determine that I’m a narcissistic monster by saying that I love red, my favourite marvel character is thor, I like to help my friends by calming them down when in a fight, I’d love to have healing powers and I love to stay alone most of the time?

    HOW do you say I’m attention seeking if I love to stay alone all the time or help others or whenever anyone sees something wrong with me, I’ll push them away just so I don’t let them get involved just so that I make sure I don’t create any “drama”.

  7. At first I got a narcissistic monster then they said that I’m a 2 faced lyer???? This shot is so not true!

  8. I am really explosive I get chills when I start getting mad at something or someone, I apart and try to calm down stress balls don’t work at all, when I get mad I also have my arms,legs and head cold sweat, it’s like the urge of punching something messes with me a lot
    But yeah btw nice quiz

  9. tbh… kind of accurate.

    You’re A Narcissistic Monster
    You’re the best – right? Wherever you go, the spotlight finds you, and you’re hardly complaining. You can’t imagine your friends care, since, after all, you’re so generous. Well, that’s what you like to think about yourself. You’re generous, enthusiastic, and fun, so if you compulsively steal the spotlight, it doesn’t really matter. If you fuel drama just to feed your thirst for a dramatic life, is it really that bad? Is it really so wrong for you to be the center of attention? Does it really matter how other people feel about it in the long run? Of course, you’d never say no. You’re the generous friend, and you’d never hurt anyone on purpose just to keep all eyes on you… right? Every now and then, you imagine your funeral and how all of your friends will go on and on about how wonderful, magnetic, charming, and generous you were.

  10. Your Possessiveness Is Really Uncomfortable
    It’s obvious to everyone around you that you feel the need to keep everything just the way you like it, and that insistence often borders on obsession. Your persistence, materialism, and sentimentality can prevent you from ever letting things go, and the more you care about them, the more stubbornly you defend your right to own them forever. Sorry to say, but there are some things, like memories and loved ones, you simply can’t own, and trying to stake your claim over them just makes you seem unbalanced and creepy. It probably wouldn’t hurt to quit being such a hoarder, too – none of your guests enjoy trying to find a seat in a room piled high with reminders of everything you refuse to let die.

  11. But i dont shout at anyone they shout at me…how do i then control them i have some classmate in class that controls everybody and creepiest thing about me is that i can creepy eyes and smile

  12. I got two-faced liar and I want to believe it’s not true but I can’t help but heard something in the back of my mind telling me I’m lying to myself and I’m not the good person I think I am…

  13. In the past I had a big problem with anger explosions when I was out I did not know what I was doing, now I’m better, the test was almost right, it says shockingly violent

  14. “You are shockingly violent”
    I…have literally never seriously hit another person since I was 6 years old…

  15. This Quiz Will Reveal The Creepiest Thing About You!

    You Are A Disturbing Control Freak
    Caring for people and things does not work the way you think it does. You are so invested in making sure that everything around you is perfect that instead of showing you care, you plan and control without asking for any input (which, of course, you justify by telling yourself that you aren’t burdening anyone else with extra work). You show dedication and attention to everything the same way you would a bonsai tree: meticulous maintenance, control, planning, and foresight. You call this “dedication,” but it’s not – it’s needing personal control so badly that you’ve confused it for real connection – which is not really a great quality in a friend, but a very helpful quality in an aspiring serial killer.

    *Oops? And like wtaf, this thing read me so clearly, I try to separate things and people but it’s hard when I’m equally possessive over both.

  16. I’m apparently a “narcissistic monster”? I don’t think this test is that accurate because it doesn’t ask why you chose the answers you did. I mean honestly, they ask you your ideal date and one of the answers is literally “pet shop because animals melt my heart”. Yeah I’d like to go to a pet shop, but not because animals melt my heart, but I do like to see other animals, especially ones I couldn’t, or wouldn’t have as a pet. I chose to “try to calm my friend down” in the chance he was in an argument, I said that because I’m more of a peace maker than someone who likes to get into fights and arguments. But apparently that is very selfish and narcissistic of me. I’ve even taken a “how narcissistic are you?” Test and I was like 6% narcissistic. This is Not one of the more accurate tests I’ve ever taken. I just think it should have been more in depth than what it was in asking why I made the choices I made instead of telling me why I made those choices.

    • I don’t even like attention that much. If I was in a movie I’d be one of the blurry faces in the background that you barely notice, heck I almost didn’t even want to post a comment for fear of being noticed and talked about.

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