My Top 5 Favorite Holiday Psychology Videos

This video by BrainCraft shows how to give the prefect gift for the holidays. The best answer is:

“For those seeking the gift of perfection, what counts is the thought that goes into the selection.”  ~BrainCraft

This video by DNews explains why road rage increases during the holidays.

“Psychologists also agree that cars are kind of an extension of our ego… So during the holidays its even more pronounced. Presents to buy, parties to attend, travel to book, food prepared, guests to deal with, family, friends, vacation time, work. Its a lot to deal with, so that sense of control plus everyday stressors can cause rapid release of anger when something unexpected happens.” ~DNews

This other video created by DNews states that those with anxiety disorder get more anxious during the holidays.

“When it comes to the holiday season there is a lot to do: shopping, weather, baking,  meeting and gifting. Did I drink too much during the holiday party? Did he spend more than I did on the gift? Did she get someone on the list that I didn’t do? Did I forget somebody? Is this credit card due? OMG! And that is on top of the normal hustle and bustle of everyday existence. It is no wonder that those with general anxiety disorder can learn to dread this time of the year.” ~DNews

Need help overcoming the holiday blues? Well, this video by Sutter Health Sacramento Sierra Region suggests self-help tips you can use during the holidays to minimize your depression.

This video by KPBS News speaks about the psychology behind gift giving.

“The areas of the brain that are activated when people are giving are the same areas that are activated when people are feeling pleasure reward.” ~James Weyant

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