What EMOTION Do You Hide Behind Your Eyes? *QUIZ*

Disclaimer: This quiz is made for entertainment purposes. So please don’t take it too seriously.

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As a famous saying goes, “The eyes are the windows to the soul.” And while the message might be diluted since we constantly hear about it, it does actually hold some scientific backing.

A famous psychology study conducted by Hess and Polt of the University of Chicago asked male and female participants to look at semi-nude pictures of both sexes. And the results were fascinating. Women participants pupils’ sizes increased in response to viewing men, and men participant’s pupils’ sizes increased when viewing women. In the following interview, the two scientists also found male homosexual participants’ pupils increased at pictures of men.

It’s not just arousal. Our eyes also reflect how relevant and interesting a subject is, like when a woman’s eyes increase when she looks at a picture of a mother and baby.

If you want to see what your eyes tell about you, take this short 10-question quiz to find out!


Multiple choice.

Quickly, grab a pen and paper. Or open up Notepad. Choose which statement fits you the most and write it down.

By the end, you’ll see your results.

Let’s begin!

1. Do you keep your true self hidden from people?

A. Not always, but only when I have to.

B. Only my deepest secrets.

C. Yes. People don’t don’t need to worry about me.

D. Yes, I don’t talk to anyone about it.

E. No! I’m an open book.

2. How do you feel right now?

A. I feel terribly lost.

B.I feel annoyed at everything.

C. I’m feeling extremely depressed.

D. I’m alert and cautious.

E. Surprisingly, I’m happy.

3. How does your heart feel emotionally?

A. Betrayed, cracked.

B. I feel hatred for a few people… ok, more than a few.

C. I feel shattered and down.

D. I feel cold and emotionless.

E. Happy, fulfilled. Ready to take on the world.

4. What’s your wish right now?

A. I wish I knew how to answer that…

B. I wish for vengeance for the people that hurt me.

C. I wish I loved myself more.

D. I just want someone to talk to. Anyone.

E. I wish everyone’s problems would go away.

5. Are you good at concealing your true emotions to others?

A. Not at all.

B. Sometimes

C. Depends

D. Yes

E. Wish I was, but nope.

6. When do you cry?

A. When I’m stressed and have no sense of control.

B. When my emotions want to burst out.

C. When I bottle everything in and can’t hold it any more.

D. When I have no one to talk to.

E. I don’t find the need to cry.

7. How do you spend your time?

A. State of constant worry

B. Keeping my mind busy.

C. Hiding my real identity

D. Alone. All the time.

E. Getting out and enjoying life.

8. Do you sleep soundly at night?

A. I barely sleep.

B. No, I sleep around 5-6 hours only

C. Yes, I get about 8 hours in.

D. I sleep for way too long.

E. I sleep great and wake up refreshed.

9. What do you dream about?

A. Nightmares and scary things.

B. Falling. Being chased.

C. Sad, distressing events.

D. I don’t remember my dreams.

E. Happy dreams usually.

10. How do you feel when someone’s mad at you?

A. Embarrassed.

B. Furious.

C. I get sad for hours and can’t function right.

D. Sorry and in a constant state of apology for days.

E. Sad, but not for too long.


Tally everything and find the letter that appears the most.

Found your most frequent letter? Here’s what each of them mean.

A: Your eyes hold fear and doubt.

Your eyes are hiding an uneasy degree of fear and doubt about so many things. You feel a total lack of control over your life; and that your turbulent emotions rule over you.

If you have worries and anxieties keeping you from doing the things you want to do, don’t sit and wait. Go out and talk with a supportive person about it, like your friends or a mental health professional. Whatever you do, don’t succumb to fear. Living in a constant state of paranoia is not healthy.

But know this: you have hope, and there are people counting on you.

B: Your eyes are filled with anger and rage.

Did someone do something unjust to you?

You have a lot of anger inside you, and it’s welling up inside and waiting to burst. Or maybe you already manifest it in your actions, whether you recognize it or not. You can keep your anger under control at times, but there are days where you just feel like lashing out to the world and all its unfairness.

Forgiveness is a powerful tool. And although some people may do something so horrible and unjustifiable, swallowing yourself in your own bitterness can get in the way of your own peace from flourishing as well. Sit with your anger, and as soon as you’re thinking clearly, express your anger in an assertive but nonconfrontational way.

C: Your eyes hold a hint of sadness.

You have more than a few reasons for your bouts of sadness, but you tend to keep it all under wraps. Maybe you’re trying to look strong even when you’re at your breaking point every day. Or maybe you’re protecting something so dear to you – and by sacrificing yourself and bottling your emotions you make everything seem fine and happy on the surface.

If you continue to bottle everything inside, eventually, it will overflow and explode to the surface. Understand that your sadness is a valid emotion, and the constant dread and fear you’re facing may be causing you more harm than the truth you’re trying to hide. Get to the root of you’re worries – and have a healthy, nonconfrontational conversation with someone who will listen to you, like a therapist or a good friend. You’ll never know how important this is until you try.

D: Your eyes feel a sense of loneliness.

You feel lonely and misunderstood. Even with a group of people, you tend to feel that you’re not your true self around them, constantly wearing a mask. You want to be genuine with someone, anyone, but you feel that there’s no one that you can confide in.

People may be led to believe that you’re an independent person who enjoys your solitude, but you know the truth. You’re just trying to blend in for people to like you, and in the past, they have failed you on multiple occasions. Learn to open yourself up to others. Not that “perfect” self you show with your mask, but your true, genuine, flawed self. You’ll have more genuine relationships in the long run, with people who actually care about you. It won’t be an easy journey, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

E: Your eyes glow. You’re one happy person!

You know you’re not perfect, but you’re happy and fulfilled at where you are now. You glow when you’re with people, and you are someone’s light in the darkness. Give yourself a pat on the back – you’re one happy and healthy person!


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