What Happens When a Narcissist Encounters a Dark Empath?

There are a lot of similar qualities between narcissists and dark empaths, but they are not the same.

Have you ever met a narcissist? You might have noticed that they tend to be arrogant and insensitive.

The type of behavior that people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder portray may be influenced by environmental factors such as excessive parental pampering or childhood abuse.

Dark empaths, on the other hand, tend to be more perceptive towards other people’s feelings than narcissists, yet they also manipulate people quite the same.

This is because they have a high level of cognitive empathy as well as the dark traits of narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy – also known as the Dark Triad.

In short, they can be quite dangerous because not only do they have selfish intentions, they can also manipulate you in your most vulnerable moments, which is when you’re overcome by emotions.

It can be quite difficult to differentiate between narcissists and dark empaths unless you deeply examine their patterns of behavior and their ability to be genuine.

They both rely on their dominance over other people, so what exactly would happen when they meet each other?

Who will benefit from who?

Let’s find out.

FRIENDLY DISCLAIMER: This video is not made to attack anyone who may display these signs or anyone diagnosed with these disorders, but rather to understand them and bring more awareness to the topic! 

1. A power duo might be born.

One might immediately question, will a narcissist ever get along with a dark empath?

Majority of the time, the answer to that question is no.

Narcissists and dark empaths both have dominant personalities and rely on other people to do their bidding.

So the thought of them being friends might sound completely absurd.

But while it is most likely that narcissists and dark empaths clash, at times they could become best buddies.

Most probably, with a goal in mind.

This is because dark empaths have a high level of cognitive empathy. 

They’re very perceptive about what other people are feeling and usually know what’s going on.

They would quickly identify a proud, flamboyant narcissist and befriend them to utilize for future situations.

For both of them, it’s a dog-eat-dog world.

And when they team up – both pictures of manipulation, self-centeredness, and charisma – they can be quite dangerous for the unsuspecting. 

But other times, they would naturally end up abusing each other.

2. A fight for control ensues.

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Who will be the last person standing?

Both narcissists and dark empaths have this urge to take everything they want for themselves.

They’re drawn to leadership positions, and usually, other people just give in to their desires so as not to spark their anger.

Between both of them, narcissists would be the ones who will most likely stop at nothing to have things their way.

This is because they tend to lack empathy and have a high amount of arrogance.

Dark empaths can be quite stubborn as well, but because they can gauge other people’s emotions, they will probably pull back a little and find other ways to get what they want.

When the two are together, it may seem like the narcissist is the more dominant one, but the dark is likely the person pulling the strings behind the curtain.

3. Their language will be lies.

Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

How can you ever determine whether their words are a hundred percent truthful?

You can’t.

Narcissists and dark empaths have honed their talents in the art of lying.

A narcissist’s need for admiration may cause them to boast about their false achievements, while a dark empath’s manipulative personality may cause them to let out sweet lies to appear compassionate.

They weave their web of false stories and watch as the people around them fall victim to their words.

They see lying as just one of the methods to procure their desires and continue to do so without the consequence of guilt.

So when the two of them meet, they will probably let out one lie after the other just to appear better.

Do you know someone whose stories seem a tad too exaggerated all the time?

Are you getting a false sense of kindness even when someone is saying nothing but good words?

Your gut and their pattern of behavior may help you identify whether a person is a narcissist or a dark empath.

4. Manipulation will be their weapon.

Photo by Ryanniel Masucol from Pexels

Who can be more cunning?

Narcissists and dark empaths are no strangers to lying and being in control.

Their absence of guilt and hunger for power makes them masters of manipulation.

When a narcissist and a dark empath meet, they may immediately try to bring each other down through passive-aggressive means.

They would brag about their wins and try to downsize each other’s achievements.

A dark empath may say “I’m actually a successful painter.” And immediately have a narcissist replying “Oh, I’ve been painting for 25 years! That’s probably longer than you have.”

They would also most likely stir trouble for each other behind the scenes by gossiping, backstabbing, and blaming constantly.

5. They will get on each other’s nerves.

Photo by Keira Burton from Pexels

How similar is a narcissist to a dark empath?

They have a lot of similar qualities.

For instance, they’re both narcissistic, manipulative, and power-hungry.

The main difference is that dark empaths just have a higher understanding of other people’s feelings.

Narcissists don’t consider other people and just continuously barrel towards perfection or at least seeming perfect.

But aside from that, because their personalities are quite reflective of one another, they get annoyed at how difficult it is to make the other submit to their wishes.

Their constant battle for supremacy will tire them out and cause them great frustration.

And this upset brought by their convoluted relationship will continue as long as they’re around each other.

They’re used to having their way quickly so this newfound obstacle may just feel like the bane of their existence.

6. They will charm their way out of it.

Are empaths naturally charming?

They are, and narcissists are usually very attracted to them.

It’s because narcissists want someone who constantly praises them, and empaths – or at least full empaths – have enough patience and compassion in their hearts to keep giving to others.

They’re a good match, but only for the narcissists. 

This is because that type of relationship will quickly turn toxic, especially for the good-natured full empaths.

Dark empaths and narcissists are pretty charismatic, too, it’s just that they utilize this trait to lure other people into their trap.

When both of them meet, they will display signs of confidence and try to attract the other to their side.

Pretty soon, they will both realize that they’re playing the same game.

The narcissist would see that it would take a lot more to manipulate them, while the dark empath will befriend them just to end up using them later on.

7. They won’t forget each other’s mistakes.

Narcissists and dark empaths hold grudges because this is their key to staying in control.

For example, when they notice that they’re losing an argument, they would quickly rattle off the other person’s mistakes to give themselves power.

You may consider it petty, but this type of manipulative behavior is what they’re used to doing.

Narcissists lack patience and consideration for others and may outright fight them whenever they do something wrong.

They don’t like being put in a position that makes them submissive.

Dark empaths tend to be malicious.

They can be flexible and not choose to start an argument right away, but they will remember each error.

So when both of them meet, they’re probably already noting each flow and coming up with a strategy on being in control.


Do you think you’ve ever encountered a narcissist or a dark empath?

What made you say so?

Please share your stories in the comment section below.

We always appreciate hearing about your experiences.

Thanks for reading. See you next time!



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