What Your Favorite Emoji Says About You

Have you ever wondered what your favorite emoji says about you? I mean, there you are again for the eightieth time, sending another heart eye emoji. And? You’ve paired it with a peach emoji. Because, who doesn’t love some healthy fruit every now and then, right? Well, what exactly do these frequently-used emojis say about you? We’ve gathered a list of some of the most frequently used emojis to let you know what they reveal about your personality. 

ONE: Face With Tears of Joy 😂

If you often use this emoji, you’re naturally a happy person who rightfully enjoys a good laugh. Although sometimes you may feel others don’t take what you say seriously. And you may even laugh at yourself a bit too often. Your opinions and feelings are valid! As much as everyone loves a good joke, your feelings aren’t the punchline.

TWO: Red Heart ❤️

Don’t you just love love? Well you do! You’re a tender soul at heart and simply want others to feel loved. You’re sweet-natured and compassionate towards others. You’re always there for your loved ones when they need you the most. And, you’re not afraid to show your love with a red heart emoji!

THREE: Smiling Face with Heart Eyes 😍

Perhaps you use the heart eyes emoji just as much as you use the heart emojis. You know, because hearts seem to be your thing. If you overuse the heart eyes, you are very emotional and romantic. You love helping others and let them know you support them with this emoji. You often get excited by life’s simple pleasures, and when it’s something you really care about? Well, using a streamline of these emojis won’t suffice. You’ll likely bring in the overjoyed GIF’s as well. And don’t even get me started on your meme collection.

FOUR: Rolling on The Floor Laughing 🤣

You enjoy comedy on a whole new level. You love to have a good time and enjoy a good laugh or two with your friends. And? Often at your favorite Netflix comedy with a bowl of popcorn. You, too, laugh at yourself from time to time and don’t always take yourself seriously. 

FIVE: Smiley Faces 😊

You’re the type to look to the bright side of things first. You love spreading positivity and making sure your friends are having a good time. You’ll often give up on things you want to do just to fulfill their desires and ensure there will be a peaceful outcome. There’s a lot to smile about when someone’s around you, but make sure to be attentive to your needs as well! Sometimes it’s best to be a good friend to ourselves first.

SIX: Folded Hands 🙏

You’re filled with gratitude and kindness. You are thankful for what you have and make a point to show that you’re grateful for those in your life. When you do ask for favors or even just make an inquiry, you may often feel as though anything you ask is bothersome or an inconvenience. Sometimes you may even wrongfully see yourself as a nuisance to others. Don’t be afraid to seek out the answers you desire and ask for the help you need!

SEVEN: Fruits… and Sometimes Veggies? 🍆 🍑

If you use these emojis frequently you may be a very sexually driven individual and you don’t shy away from showing it. Or, you may be sexually frustrated. Point is, whether you’re sexually frustrated or sexually driven, you’re definitely using that eggplant or peach emoji. And you don’t use them sparingly. Why would you?

EIGHT: Face Blowing a Kiss 😘

You love those closest to you and often show it! You’re grateful for those closest to you and let them know it! You like to show your kindness, gratitude, and love with plenty of emoji kisses! If you use this emoji often, you’re also likely a flirt as well. You love a bit of romance in your life with a bit of flirtation.

NINE: Thumbs Up 👍

You’re a pretty chill dude. You’re often seen as an agreeable person who’d rather go with the flow than make a tough decision. If you’re always sending the thumbs up in your texts, you may need to realign yourself with what it is you truly want. 

TEN: Loudly Crying Face 😭

If you find yourself using this emoji often, you’re very intune with your emotions. You open up to your closest friends about how you feel often through text – and this emoji. You are very aware of what you’re feeling and have a deep understanding for your emotions. Whether you’re extremely happy, or deeply sad, you like to let your friends know often through emojis when you can’t quite express how you feel. And you’re always grateful for the friends who have your back when you do share this crying face. If your sadness becomes overwhelming, remember to seek out help. Using this emoji can be a great way to express yourself when you don’t know quite what to say, but talking to someone about what you’re feeling can feel even better.

So what does your favorite emoji tell you about your personality? Were we right? Do you have more than one favorite emoji? How often do you use the peach emoji? Feel free to leave your favorite emoji down in the comment section below and let us know what you think!

Written by Michal Mitchell

Follow me on Instagram and Twitter at @jackycoocoo for more articles, celebrity interviews, original poetry and more.

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