What Your Favourite Movie Genre Says About You

As you may or may not know, every single choice that you take and preference that you have are clear indicatives of your personality. As such, and with the importance of having good self-awareness, people have put a lot of emphasis into knowing and understanding themselves. After all, do you know how easy it is to lose yourself in the trends of the current society? Peer pressure and other external influences can very easily sway your perception of self-awareness are if you don’t have a clear idea of who you are. Like I said before, even the smallest preferences, such as your preferred movie genre, can be big indicatives of who you are and what type of personality you have. Are you wondering what your favourite movie genre says about you? Well, that’s what this article is here for.


Do you enjoy fantasy or animated movies, even when you are not a child anymore? That’s completely fine and can mean very good things about you. A lot of people seem to have the idea that animated/fantasy movies can only be liked by children or immature people. And sure, maybe you are still a child at heart, but there is nothing wrong with that. It only means that you are unique and pure-hearted and can see your environment and people around you with a creative and bright insight (Rubio, 2018). After all, this movie genre is known to be the most joyous and creative genre, with their storylines revolving ideas that cannot be replicated with real-life actors and sceneries. Additionally, studies have confirmed that it is more usual for introverts who have developed a high level of imagination to like this movie genre because of the relationship between fantasy and imagination (Darlington, 2020).


Do you tend to enjoy drama-filled movies more than any other genre? This movie genre takes real life situations and play them out in the big screen. This type of movies can really make you feel a variety of emotions and feelings that you wouldn’t be able to feel on a day-to-day basis. As such, if this is your favourite movie genre, it means that you are a highly empathetic person and have a huge heart. You like these movies because you can learn about the struggles that people go through in real life and apply these lessons to understand and empathize with the people closest to you (Psychic Source, 2015).


Do you enjoy watching movies that make you laugh like there’s no tomorrow? According to the study “Who Watches What?: Assessing The Impact Of Gender And Personality On Film Preferences”, people whose favourite movie genre is comedy were confirmed to be more open, creative and adventurous, as well as less organized and attentive. This is explained by the fact that the comedy genre tends to have more original content and plots that are unpredictable (Darlington, 2020), which incentivizes more creative ways of thinking.


Are horror movies your favourite genre? According to researchers at the University of Cambridge, horror movies are both defiant and intellectual (breeding, 2019). They provoke thoughtful ideology through depictions of chaos and mayhem. As such, if this is your favourite movie genre, you might be an extroverted and conscientious. You will often challenge the norm, but this same reason might make you a bit disagreeable sometimes. You are an independent and strong person since you go out of your way to experience the anxiety that comes from these movies (Psychic Source, 2015).


Do you enjoy movies that have fast paced fight scenes and plots? If this is your favourite movie genre, then one of your main traits is that you are less neurotic than people who favour other movie genres. According to the study mentioned before, you are also a very hard-working person who prefers to go get what you want, rather than wait for things to happen (Darlington, 2020). You like trying new and exotic things because of your adventurous and open personality.


Are you into romance movies because of how they make you feel? Just like the genre, you are someone who is extremely romantic, but can be intense when it comes to the people that you love the most (Rubio, 2018). According to the study mentioned before, if you favour romance as your preferred movie genre, chances are that you are a hard working and conscientious person. However, you are also less emotionally stable (Darlington, 2020). Additionally, you crave the relaxation and tension breaking effect that the happy endings in these movies provides.

Science Fiction

Are movies such as The Matrix or Blade Runner your favourite? If they are, then you most likely favour science fiction movies. As shown in these movies, this genre revolves around a future where there is a great amount of injustice and suffering. The main protagonists of these movies go against and overthrow the authorities, be it an oppressing government or technology. According to researchers at the University of Cambridge, people whose favourite movie genre is science fiction tend to be fairly rebellious (Breeding, 2019). Additionally, you are a daydreamer with a very vivid imagination, and you are not scared of sharing outrageous and innovative ideas (Rubio, 2018).

To conclude, although the points discussed in this article might not be 100% accurate to your personality type based on your favourite movie, each of the main elements from the different movie genres has been researched and found out to be related to different human behaviours. And who knows, maybe you will find out something about yourself that you didn’t know after reading this article.


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