QUIZ: Which of the 5 Types of Intuition Are You?

With most people usually referring to it as their “sixth sense”, intuition play a huge role in our lives, often being used in decision making. Intuition is defined as a phenomenon of the mind, describes the ability to acquire knowledge without inference or the use of reason. There are five types. Which one is yours?

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  1. Empathic intuition makes total sense people always open up to me they just start pouring their issues I just listen.

  2. Type 2: Observant Intuition
    Your observational skills are your strongest asset, and you rely on them heavily when making decisions.

  3. Observant intuition.
    That’s totally what I was thinking. I definitely observe people’s body language and facial expression to see what they’re thinking /feeling

  4. The test says I am an observant and I actually never thought that. I always thout I would just be relying on my gut feeling, but it kind of makes sense; I often know when a person is into someone even though they never told me


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