What Word Did You See First? This Fact Can Reveal Much About Your Inner Truth

We at Psych2Go just love quizzes and tests that you can do without spending too much time on. That’s why we put together the following one, which is short yet highly revealing.

All you need to do is take a quick look at the following image. The first word that your eyes find describes who you are and also what worries you at the present moment.

What word did you see? Go to the next page to see what it says about you!

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    1. Besides the depression part I feel as if this is 100% accurate for me( I’ve gotten imaginative!) But how did you do this? This is really impressive.

  1. I actually saw Tee first. That wasn’t very accurate when the second thing I saw was Dragon

  2. dragon, without a doubt, was the first word i saw, and the best one to describe me

  3. Depth, 100% true… I’m surprised because everytime I take those tests it’s wrong.

  4. I wouldn’t say it’s totaly accurate but other than the depression it is spot on

  5. False. Apparently I’m “bold” which, I am not. Sorry psych2go, you’re incorrect.

  6. I cannot get to the 2nd page. What gives? The 1st word I saw was “memory”.

  7. Haha I saw the fake word of Epthoy first so I was like maybe that’s not the whole word so I added the Depthoy, but I realize that is also not a word… I decided to move on until I found the word Dragon. So now according to this test I am imaginative, but really the first word I saw without realizing it was Depth.

  8. It’s very accurate!!!! I got dragon and yes I paint and draw a lot!!!

  9. Really right on the money!!!All I see is darkness in my days of doom!!!GOD DAMN US ALL

  10. Dragon, it’s shocking ‘cuz it really describes me. Wow!


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