Your Crush Likes You Too, Just Look For These Subtle Clues.

5 Signs Your Crush Likes You, But Not Showing

Having a crush on someone is one of the best feelings ever. They inspire us and make us feel like we have someone to look forward to seeing. It is even more rewarding when you know that your crush also likes you back. However, not all of them will show you they are crushing on you too. Some are just too shy to show you or tell you their feelings. Luckily, research will help you determine this. So, here are the 5 signs you should check to know if your crush is also into you without them consciously showing it.

Lovely gaze between a couple
  1. The more intense looks on you (not in a creepy way). 

They say the eyes never lie. Well, apparently, this is true. It is normal for people to look a person in the eye when they are talking to each other. This means that they are listening to you and are interested in whatever you want to say. Well, when someone has a crush on you, they will do this more often to you than the others. According to Dr. Schaper (2016), a person having a crush on you will most probably look you in the eye more consistently than the others around you. When you are in a group conversation, these people will tend to give their attention and focus on you more than the others. Further research also suggests that people being attracted to a person will have their pupils dilated when they are looking at them (Kandola, 2020; Santos-Longhurst, 2018). Pupil dilation is controlled by our autonomic nervous system which regulates our emotions. When we are attracted to someone, our autonomic nervous system boosts the hormones for love – oxytocin, and dopamine – which affect the dilation of our pupils; the more affection one has the more the pupils become dilated. So, the next time you are around your crush, try to notice the way they look at you. 

  1. They constantly mention you in conversations. 

When we are obsessed with our new gadgets or things, they are at the top of our minds and we tend to talk about them to other people. We just can’t stop thinking about them. Well, this is also similar to having a crush. As discreet as these people are in their actions around you, they might show their feelings about you around other people. Experts suggest that when people have crushes, they tend to mention them in conversations with other people (Santos-Longhurst, 2018). They often ask about you with mutual friends or bring you in conversations that might remind them of you. This further proves that you are at the top of their minds and might be thinking of you all the time. Maybe it’s good to ask your mutual friends if your crush ever brought you up in a random conversation. 

Twin moves between a couple
  1. Mirror your behaviors (not in a mocking way). 

In my most recent relationship, my friends usually say how in sync my partner and I are with each other. Well, apparently being in sync in action is an indicator of attraction. According to psychologists, a good indicator that someone likes you is through their body language and mirroring is one of them. Mirroring happens when a person unconsciously copies another person’s behavior. This indicates that this person is thoroughly engaged in any kind of conversation you have and that they are truly connected to you. When you are in a conversation and they unconsciously change their posture or actions similar to yours, then they are unconsciously mirroring you. The next time you talk to your crush, try to change your posture and behavior and check if they are unconsciously mirroring your mannerisms and behavior. 

  1. Barriers Gone

These people might not show you directly that they are interested in you too but they will definitely look more comfortable with you (Dr. Schaper, 2016). It might not be too obvious but these people will put away any types of barriers between the two of you like bags or a purse. The free space between you two is an indication that they are comfortable with you. They are giving you the freedom to be in their personal space. They might also leave a very small space between you two so they can have better conversations with you. According to psychologists, these are the indications that people are actually comfortable with you and would want to be near you most of the time. 

  1. Remember random things you tell them. 

Have you had a person remember that you do not like receiving flowers on your birthday? Instead, they bring you your favorite food. They also remember your pet peeve of talking while watching a movie so they let you watch the entire movie before asking you questions. For other people, these random things might not be important but for people interested in you, they will definitely notice this. According to Dr. Patrick (2019), people who are interested in you will make sure that they are making you different from their other acquaintances by remembering things about you. They might randomly bring you M&M’s because you mentioned once how these can calm you during stressful situations. These actions might be sporadic but they will help you determine whether your crushes like you back. 

Final Thoughts

Crushing on someone who has no interest in you can be frustrating. But it is equally as frustrating as someone who does not show you they like you back. The list will help you see whether these people have a crush on you too. They are not full determinants of how they feel about you but they help you ease your curious heart. If you think they are just too shy to tell you how they feel, maybe try to talk to them. Initiate the conversation because maybe all they need is a little spark from you.


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