10 Facts About ENFP and INFJ Relationship Compatibility

I am sure you have heard of the Myers-Briggs test. However, an underrated fact about the Myers-Briggs personality test is that the groundwork for it was laid in Katherine Brigg’s living room. The lab was coined the cosmic laboratory of baby training. There, she began studying children and developed a series of questions designed to reveal a person’s core personality.

Though the test is widely used, it does not have scientific founding and is mostly theoretical. So, before we begin I would like to disclose that the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory is just a theory and the personality are rough tendencies rather than specific classifications.

Now, let us look at two personality types and their compatibility.  

INFJs are the rarest personality type in the world. Just 1.5% of the population have this personality type. They are idealists, advocates, and dreamers. Despite the cynicism of the world, they choose to see the glass half full. INFJs are creative, gentle, caring, and idealistic with high moral standards. They are typically reserved and highly sensitive to how others feel. What sets an INFJ apart is their ability to turn their idealism into action and dreams into realities. 

Some strengths of an INFJ are receptiveness to other people’s feelings, creativity, and idealism.  

INFJs are equally idealistic when it comes to romantic relationships. They may hold out for their ideal lover, so finding someone may take some time. In a relationship, INFJs seek sincerity, authenticity, and honesty. They crave emotional intimacy. For an INFJ, relationships extend beyond the physical– it is an emotional and spiritual union. 

ENFPs are characterized by their charisma and enthusiasm. They are creative, charming, independent, and energetic. According to VeryWell Mind, approximately 5 to 7% of people in the world are ENFPs. ENFPs embrace ideas and actions that are aligned with their sense of hope. Unlike their introverted partners, ENFPs are typically the life of the party. They also have excellent people skills and genuinely care about others.

When it comes to relationships, ENFPs also bring their enthusiasm. For people with this personality type, relationships are a joyous process of mutual exploration, and a chance to connect with another person. 

Though INFJs and ENFPs seem like different personalities, they are quite compatible. 

  • They are both feelers.

As Intuitive types, they are both attracted to people who seem thoughtful, sensitive, and idealistic. These qualities help them feel like they can establish a meaningful connection in their relationship. 

  • Similar goals in a relationship.

Both personality types seek relationships that can help them grow and develop. For and INFJ and ENFP couple, the focus is on shared values. These personality types seek and build their relationship on an authentic connection where their values are similar. 

  • Conflicts are rare.

Because of their intuitive nature, INFJs and ENFPs resolve their conflicts with compassion and empathy. Both are inclined to walk a mile in each other’s shoes before judging each other. 

  • Communication might be difficult.

Though big fights between these two personality types might be rare, it does not mean that they never have disagreements.

These two personality types have an abstract approach to communication. Their conversations might typically revolve around ideas, opinions, and theories. Hence, mundane, banal, yet necessary conversations about pressing tasks might be ignored. Also, despite similar communication styles, there will still be room for misunderstandings.  

In this type of relationship, either partner will assume what the other thinks. This can create friction between the pair. When working on a project, create a plan where you both address every detail. That way, you both are on the same page. 

  • Conversational dynamics

Introverts typically take up the role of the listener in conversations. It is not because they do not have anything to say, but because they feel more comfortable. The same is true for an INFJ. However, in a relationship with this personality type, ENFPs should be mindful of their introverted partner. INFJs will appreciate slower-paced conversations and insightful questions. INFJs want to feel heard. 

  • Common ground. 

These personality types will find that they share a lot of the same values, but there may be one or two that are different. In that case, they should try to understand each other’s approach and be understanding. Sometimes being of similar minds can be challenging when there is a difference in thought. 

  • They have lifestyle differences.

Though both are intuitive types, they lead their lives very differently. INFJs tend to be more structured than their ENFP counterparts. ENFPs tend to be more laid back. INFJ can misconstrue ENFP’s laid back behavior as laziness or flaky. However, these two personality types complement each other well when they learn to from each other.  

  • They are intellectually curious. 

Both of these personality types have a general intellectual curiosity. They can find fulfillment in appreciating cultures, science, and art. They both love discovering new ideas and are bound to have more than one mutual hobby. 

  • They are adventurers. 

Their approach to life makes them both wary of the mundane. They would rather spend their time exploring new ideas. A great couple’s date night would be going to a museum, cultural festival, or a new class– anything that improves their minds. 

  • Planning is an area of conflict.

As idealists, they might spend their time stuck in their minds exploring abstract concepts. Unfortunately, this means that chores like cleaning up and anything related to schedules might be pushed aside. Typically, the more responsible of the two will have to deal with these tasks. This might create friction for the couple as well as e resentments and imbalance. 

Try to find a compromise and divide chores in a way that benefits both parties. 


An INFJ and ENFP may seem like an unlikely couple, but they have a lot in common. With a bit of work, understanding, and cooperation from both parties, it can be a fulfilling relationship. But, hey, that is how most relationships work.

Let us know in the comments below what two unlikely pairs would you like us to talk about next!

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