10 Signs Your Friend Likes You More Than a Friend

In the popular coming of age Disney show Lizzie McGuire, Lizzie and Gordo are a pair of friends who grew up together since they were in diapers. Their friendship is ideal, because they’ve always been there for one another through thick and thin. Except amidst their adventures, conflicts, and embarrassing moments in middle school, the two of them find that they like each other as more than just friends. Do you find yourself developing feelings for your best friend? Want to know if they might feel the same way towards you? Psych2Go shares with you 10 signs that your friend likes you more than a friend:

1. They’re always initiating plans to hang out with you.

This is especially true if they’re initiating hang-outs that only consist of the two of you being together. If you invite other mutual friends to tag along, watch the way they react. Do they seem disappointed? Sad? Chances are, that’s because they want to spend more quality time with you alone!

2. They stare at you a lot.

Pay attention to how often they stare at you. If you find that your back is facing towards them, but when you turn around and they quickly avert their gaze, that means they were looking at you! This also rings true if they pretend to be busy with a task if they find it uncomfortable with you staring back at them.

3. They compliment you a lot.

It’s not just the occasional “great job!” or “you’re the best!” they throw at you when you’ve done them a favor. If they compliment you on your appearance or your intelligence even on an ordinary day, then they’re letting you know how highly they think of you. You definitely captivate them.

4. They remember small details about you.

If the two of you had a conversation months ago and they bring up something you shared during that time that you don’t even remember, then either they have a really good memory…orrr they were keeping tabs on you. They pay attention to your likes, interests, and perhaps even something as random as how you like your steak cooked. They know you…maybe even more than you know yourself.

5. They stay up talking to you.

This shows that they enjoy talking to you every minute they get, no matter how late it is at night. It also means that they can’t get enough of your conversations. Words flow easily between you two and it shows that they care a lot about your thoughts and beliefs.

6. They text you in the morning.

Not only do they stay up talking to you, but they also text you in the morning. This shows that they’re thinking about you first thing in the morning. It also indicates that they make the time and effort to communicate with you amidst the busy hustling of getting ready for work or school. That says a lot.

7. They buy you gifts, even when it’s not your birthday or Christmas.

You didn’t ask for anything! And yet, they went out and purchased the book you’ve been dying to read or your favorite chocolate. They want to please you and grant you some instant happiness because it’s a way of getting to your heart.

8. They’re interested in getting to know your family and group of friends.

They’re curious about how your family operates and what you and your friends do. This shows that they want to make a good impression and be a part of that close aspect of your life, too. If they ask about what your family and friends value, then chances are, they’re taking mental notes on how to be a good match for you.

9. They let their guard down when they’re with you.

They’re honest and comfortable around you. All their walls come down and there’s trust built between you two. If there’s something bothering them, the first person they want to tell is you. They’re different around you for this reason.

10. They prioritize you in their life.

They rarely cancel plans with you and no matter how busy or hectic their schedule gets, they always make time to see you. They make it clear that you’re important to them and not just someone they can fall back on as a second priority. They really care about you and want you to be an active part of their life.

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Caerlang, A. (2017, May 3). 20 Telltale Signs He Definitely Wants to Be More Than Just Friends. Thought Catalog. Retrieved October 29, 2017.

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  1. I don’t compliment. All I can do is think that they’re perfect whenever I look at them but I don’t want to creep them out so I keep saying things like “You suck/I hate you” when I mean the opposite really. Only time I ever compliment them is their hair. So perfect?

    1. Thanks so much for reading! =) Haha, saying the opposite of what we really mean when we like someone is also very accurate. It’s a coping mechanism. =) One that I’ve also used in the past, but as I’m growing up, I try to be more confessional, rather than bottling up how I actually feel towards the person I care about, even if I’m dating them!

  2. I tell my best friend how intelligent she is, how creative she is, encourage her at every step. She calms the chaos in my head, has the most amazing smile, has the most amazing soul. We’ve both been through very rough lives and fate has brought us together finally…although she’s still married currently. Her husband is very abusive mentally and has been physically. I’ve been the guy to help rebuild her self-esteem. We’ve recently declared our love for each other and are still at arms length due to the marriage.


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