10 Things Only Introverts Understand

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In a world where extroverted personalities tend to shine and take the spotlight, it can be easy to feel alone as an introvert.

However, the world isn’t all about blaring noises and constant chatter. There are plenty of introverts, just like you! They’re the ones who enjoy the peace and quiet, the deep conversations, and the slower-paced way of living.

So scoot over, extroverts! Here are 10 things only introverts would understand.

1) Dining out alone can be relaxing

Have you tried eating out by yourself?

It can feel anxiety-inducing asking for a table for one at first, but once you get used to it, it can actually be quite relaxing. You can order whatever you want, spend idle time just browsing your phone or people-watching, and once your food arrived, you can savor every bite in peace.

And as any introvert would know, it’s better to be alone than in bad company!

2) You feel relief over canceled plans

It’s not that introverts don’t like socializing at all, but sometimes all the planning and small talk that comes with it can be overwhelming.

So when friends bail on plans or if an event gets canceled, introverts often can’t help but feel a sense of relief. Especially if your social battery is already low to begin with!

3) You take pleasure in simple things

Whether it’s reading a book, going for a walk, or taking a long bath, introverts know how to appreciate the simple things in life.

Introverts don’t need constant stimulation to feel happy and content. In fact, too much stimulation can drain introverts and stress them out.

Whereas the extroverts enjoy going out to a wild party, introverts are perfectly content at home snuggling with a good book and a cup of their favorite drink.

4) You can be an amazing listener

Do you spend your time listening more than talking in most conversations?

Introverts are frequently misunderstood for seeming snobby and silent during conversations.

But for them, the point of a quality conversation isn’t to fill those lulls with meaningless chatter. They really take the time to process information and digest what has been said, actively listening to the interlocutor’s point instead of focusing on what to say next.

Truly, when it comes to meaningful conversations, introverts make great friends to confide in.

5) You find small talk torturous

While introverts feel at home in meaningful conversations with friends, small talk with acquaintances or strangers can be very draining.

Introverts don’t like talking about superficial topics like the weather or the latest celebrity gossip. They prefer conversations with more depth, where they can share their thoughts and genuine feelings about something they care about.

For introverts, surface-level chatter can feel like an interrogation at times. Behind their quiet front, when an introvert is forced to engage in small talk, all they want to do is to escape the conversation as soon as possible!

6) You’re often lost in your thoughts

Do you daydream a lot?

It’s not uncommon for introverts to get lost in their thoughts from time to time. While extroverts turn their attention toward their environment, introverts turn it inwards into their dynamic and active mind.

In fact, an article by Psychology Today stated that introverts process more information per second than extroverts. This is due to a higher volume of blood flow reaching their Broca’s area, a region of the brain associated with speech production.

So don’t worry if your partner seems momentarily absent; they’re probably just really, really, really deep in thought!

7) You are prone to overthinking things

While being able to stop and really think things through is a good thing, for introverts, it can tip over and lead to overthinking.

It’s not unusual for introverts to mull over things long after they happen and figure out what they could have done better. They have this tendency to obsess over small details and replay scenarios, worrying that they may have missed out on something important.

But while it may not seem like it, overthinking isn’t always a bad thing. It can stop you from making the wrong decision and having regrets later on. If an introvert is able to balance overthinking and decisive action, that’s when they’re truly unstoppable!

8) Nature is their second home

Do you have this one spot that you always go to when you’re feeling down?

For introverts, nature is their happy place. They find solace and peace in the company of trees and flowers. If not plants, they turn to their pets or the animals of the outdoors for comfort.

Being in nature gives them a chance to renew their energy and feel refreshed. Free from prying eyes and external judgment. Many introverts, with the marvels of nature all around them, feel at home in the great outdoors when they need to recharge.

9) A restful weekend is all they need

How do you prepare for the week ahead?

While some people like to go out and party hard on the weekends, introverts would much rather stay in and have a restful weekend. Just because they’re not out clubbing or socializing doesn’t mean they’re not having fun.

For some introverts, they can live without seeing a single soul for an entire weekend – and they’re perfectly fine doing so. As long as they have a good book to read or a good movie to watch, they’ll happily relax with their schedule-less weekend.

10) You do have friends

…And a really good bunch too!

While extroverts are social butterflies who can adapt to anyone, introverts love their inner circle like they’re family. They don’t need a lot of people in their life to feel fulfilled. They just need a few close and trusted friends that they can rely on through thick and thin.

For introverts, established friendship bonds run deep. They don’t take their friendships lightly and are fiercely loyal to the people they care about. If you’re lucky enough to be friends with an introvert, cherish them.


Did you resonate with any of these things? Are there any more that we may have missed? Comment your thoughts down below.

That’s all for now, Psych2Goers!


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