5 Reasons Introverts Love the Fall Season

Fall is here with the leaves beginning to change. And if you’re an introvert, you’ll be particularly sensitive to all else that changes around you, too. Being able to crack open the window to let the cool breeze in, putting on your favorite cozy sweater, and giving into your basic Starbucks tendencies by enjoying a pumpkin spice latte —all of these factors help you appreciate transition and change. But, there’s something more about the fall that particularly draws introverts in. Psych2Go shares with you 5 reasons introverts love the fall season:

1. The tourists all leave!

This is especially true if you live near the beach like me. You’ll rarely find me outside on a sultry summer day with large crowds hogging up space on the shoreline. As fall approaches and everyone is back to school and no longer on vacation, traffic is less busy outside and the atmosphere is less overwhelming. That makes it the perfect time to read on the beach or go for walks in the park.

2. There are more excuses to stay inside.

You can indulge in solitude for a while and be the hermit you are at heart! The best part is that you don’t have to worry about letting others down by straying from original plans made. This is because there are excuses, such as bad weather or coming down with a cold, that are legitimate and they give you time to stay inside and re-charge.

3. All your best work happens when inspiration is in the air.

Fall is about transformation. By taking in all the details that surround you, it peaks self-reflection and can work wonders for introverts, especially since it helps you engage in deep thinking. Recognizing that things are constantly changing around you, movement is created, and thus, creativity also sustains and moves right along with the current all introverted artists, poets, and writers ride and adapt to.

4. You learn to let go.

As an introvert, it’s so easy to internalize everything and letting negative thoughts and doubts build up. Autumn reminds us to let go. By allowing yourself to fall, you’re learning to go with the flow, even when life throws you the most difficult curveballs.

5. You can start over.

You don’t have to worry about who you were. The truth is that you can always start over and fall fosters that message often and well. All those internal battles you fought for so long can be turned into productivity. You can become the master of yourself; it’s never too late.

Are you an introvert? What do you love most about the fall? Leave a comment down below!



LeMind, A. (2016, September 22). 5 Reasons Why Introverts Love Autumn. Retrieved September 19, 2017, from www.learning-mind.com

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