5 Reasons Why People Can’t Find Happiness

Happiness seems impossible when we obsess exclusively over what’s on the surface. This leaves room for only skepticism to sprout. But, what if I told you that you’re not seeing things clearly enough? I dare you to look again. Here are 5 reasons why people can’t find happiness:

1. You postpone it and treat it like it’s some faraway destination.

You’re probably deprived of happiness if it’s not exactly a priority on your to-do list. If you see it as being too much work or a chore you’re required to do at some point, then chances are, you’re not treating happiness like it’s actually anything special anymore. Instead, it’s just this faraway destination you have in mind. Elusive, slippery, and out of reach. If you keep it at arm’s length, like the basket of laundry you have yet to hang, dry, and fold, then that’s what happiness will inevitably look like in the end: old, wrinkly, and sedentary.

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