5 Signs That You Are Uninspired

To be uninspired is the lack of imagination or originality which can be a real bummer. Especially when you’re trying to create something that you have envisioned but cannot get down onto paper or canvas. After my own experiences with total writer’s block, here are some signs that you also may be feeling uninspired and some solutions to solve it.

1)  Unmotivated

It’s hard to act on a task when you lack the interest or the enthusiasm to do it. Or you’ve started a task that you were extremely excited for but then you deflate like a balloon after some time. If this sounds like you, then a possible solution is to leave your work for a while. Trying to force out inspiration will not give you the quality of work that you desire. So go Netflix and Chill, drink some tea, or read a book to rest your mind before heading back to work.

2)  Distractions

It’s not great being distracted from a task. Whether you’re at school, at home or at work, sometimes letting your mind wander can be irritating. You might find yourself going on your phone at work more. Or, if you’re like me, getting up from your desk at home to raid the fridge, only to find nothing tickles your fancy and head back to your desk to stare at the incomplete work, hoping it would finish itself. Then try distracting yourself with housework chores or a hobby. This will be helpful to those who want to work but not at the task they need to do at the moment. Even simply eating healthy snacks can give you energy to engage more. Otherwise, you can eliminate the distractions and play music or a TV show in the background as you work.

3)  Concentration

Do you ever open up a Word document and then just stare at it for a long time? You might be uninspired to be creative, especially if you’re under time constraints. If it’s hard to concentrate on the task at hand, then try breaking down your task to manageable chunks, writing to-do lists or organise your time to take regular breaks. Alternatively, doing mental exercises such as memorizing lists or doing word games like word-search, Scramble words or crosswords can help improve your concentration.

4)  Inspiration From Elsewhere

Do you ever feel like you get inspired in the most unlikely of places? Ever wondered why we can become inspired when we’re not at a desk? Like in the shower, or while out shopping or even eating your dinner? That might be because you feel more motivated to write or be creative when you’re away from a restricting environment. Try taking a walk to a nearby park and note down what your surroundings look like. Try making a story or a scenario out of it. Maybe keep a small notebook and pen at hand (or notebook apps on your phone), so that when inspiration hits you while you’re out, you won’t forget your ideas. Allowing your mind to be stimulated in a different way for a while can help to inspire you for your real task.

5)  Tiredness

Do you ever get to a point when you feel tired while doing a task? It could be a sign of you being unmotivated to do the task you’ve set. When trying to engage in a task, if you find yourself on the verge of sleep, step away from your work and take a nap. Taking a 20 – 30 minute nap can help to stimulate your brain to work more efficiently, especially if you’ll be working into the night. You may become more inspired after a little shut eye.

In the end….

These are just a few of the signs that show you may be uninspired. For some more than others, it takes time to be inspired. It might take a few hours, days or even months until you feel inspired enough to complete what you envisioned for yourself.  Nevertheless, no matter where you are, inspiration will come to you.

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