6 Clear Signs She is in Love with You

When I first fell in love, it didn’t feel as exhilarating as I always imagined it. Rather, it slowly creeped up on me until my heart asked me one day, How did he get there? To be honest, I was actually intimidated by how much I could care for someone. My imagination gets the best of me; I started thinking about the day when he’ll pass away and how painful it will be for me. To be this happy with someone and enjoy waking up next to him everyday, only to find him gone is terrifying. And yet, it’s still better to love than to not have loved at all, because I realize now that part of loving someone means allowing the uncertainties to just be. Two years ago, I didn’t even have that kind of courage. Psych2Go shares with you 6 clear signs she is in love with you:

1. She loves your humor.

It’s an awful feeling forcing yourself to laugh at someone’s jokes just because you want to be polite. One thing you should never compromise in a relationship is your sense of humor. The person you’re with should essentially be your best friend with whom you can laugh with over just about anything. I hate to be a mush, but there’s something special and irreplaceable about being able to share inside jokes, making faces at each other, and not having to worry about looking stupid in front of each other.

Underneath his cool and serious demeanor, my boyfriend has the same childlike humor as me. Although I often make faces of disgust when he sticks his tongue out at me, I find it delightful each time he gives me the same smug smirk. When life gets overwhelming and stressful, it’s important to get through those tough times with someone who reminds you to laugh at yourself every once in a while.

2. She is willing to face her fears with you.

When you meet the right person, they challenge you by helping you confront your fears together. Instead of playing it safe by letting you build your walls higher, they encourage you to tear them down, even if that means introducing conflict. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been afraid of swallowing pills. When you’re as anxiety-ridden as me, swallowing on demand can be the hardest thing to do. I began taking antidepressants last month when my doctor prescribed them to me. Initially, it was a rocky journey. But my boyfriend walked me through it, and I feel better now than I ever have. My lows aren’t as low as they used to be.

3. You’ve inspired her to become a better person.

I did a substantial amount of growing ever since I met my boyfriend. I’d like to think I’ve become more responsible, a little wiser, and more resourceful thanks to the insights he’s shared with me and the life skills I’ve learned from him. I’ve become a better person—not because I was pressured to change—but because my boyfriend sees the potential in me. I stopped making excuses and started taking more action, rather than pondering over the what-if’s. In a lot of ways, I look up to him. I know you’re reading this; thank you for being my number 1 fan. You inspire me everyday. ♥

4. She becomes more open-minded about trying the things you like.

I usually cringe at horror movies and don’t know the first thing about playing games. But just a couple weeks ago, I watched a psychological horror film my boyfriend recommended and I go to monthly sessions of Dungeons & Dragons with him. Although I still have a hard time going to sleep after scary movies and struggle to understand the rules of D&D, I remain open-minded because they are common activities my boyfriend enjoys. I used to think I would fall in love with someone who read all the books I did and listens to the same music as me, but I’m glad this isn’t the case for me, because if it were, my life would be incredibly dull.

5. She doesn’t want to go to sleep mad at you.

Sometimes, when I hit rock bottom, I can become obstinate, refusing to listen to my boyfriend’s advice, even if it’s good for me. Like any regular couple, we’ve experienced nights where we’ve been frustrated with each other, but I don’t like going to sleep  until we’ve resolved our issues. The thought of holding a grudge against him or vice versa prevents honest communication from flowing. If I’m going to be with someone, I want to make sure we are capable of working through problems together.

6. She accepts you full heartedly and isn’t afraid to be herself in front of you.

It’s normal to have insecurities, but when you’re in the initial stage of dating, you may not always be your true self, fearing that the other person won’t fully accept you. Vulnerability, however, is the ultimate test to love. I feel like I can be my natural self in front of my boyfriend without having to worry about being perfect. I can disagree openly about things with him and allow him to see the worst in me, but know at the end of the day, he doesn’t care about me any less.


What do you think?

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C, P. (2015, May 6). 10 Ultimate Signs that Say She truly Loves You. Find Health Tips. Retrieved May 15, 2018.

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