6 Negative Traits of an Unhealthy INFJ

People with an INFJ typology are often described as creative, emphatic, and altruistic individuals.

However, INFJs can have a negative side that may manifest itself in stressful moments or take the form of bad habits.

Here are some negative traits that an unhealthy INFJ may possess.

Disclaimer: The MBTI is a personality inventory designed to roughly identify a person’s personality type, split into 16 categories. As such, it may be prone to not quite hitting the mark for everyone: so take it as a list of rough tendencies rather than strict classifications. This video/article’s primary intention is for providing entertainment and light-hearted content.

Moreover, if you can relate to any of these signs, please do not take this feedback as an attack on your character. This article was meant to be a self-improvement guide for those of you who have been feeling a little stuck.

1) They make excuses for other people’s bad behavior

Do you brush aside people’s faults in order to avoid conflict?

INFJs enjoy making other people happy. On the flip side, they can often find it uncomfortable when a situation calls for a bit of conflict. As a way to cope, some unhealthy INFJs may ignore people’s shortcomings, whether it be a friend, family member, or partner.

The reason for this is their strong auxiliary function – extroverted feeling (Fe) – which makes them prefer harmony over letting people down.

This can be especially problematic if they’re dating someone who mistreats them, or if it makes others walk all over them.

INFJs may end up compromising their own needs to let others be happy. Does that sound like something you may do?

2) They keep things to themselves

Do you find it difficult to navigate the complexities of the real world?

INFJs are at home in their heads. They have a strong sense of imagination; proficient at whipping up solutions to human problems with relative ease.

However, this proficiency can mean little in a practical sense if they aren’t able to communicate them to others.

An unhealthy INFJ lacks the internal drive to propose solutions to people outside their circle. They often keep their solutions to themselves, instead of sharing them with the world to know about.

Makes you wonder: how many great ideas by INFJs have been shunned down before it was even uttered?

3) They feel responsible for others’ emotions

Do you internalize how others feel?

INFJs tend to carry a high sense of empathy and are almost prophetic when it comes to reading others’ emotional states. However, when somebody feels negatively towards something, INFJs feel it too.

They can feel guilty when someone comes to them and cries over a breakup. They can feel sad when they couldn’t be for someone when they were in a bad state.

Although at times it can be considered noble, unhealthy INFJs can recognize that there’s a fine line between understanding and personalizing the emotions of others.

If this carries along, it makes it difficult for them to establish boundaries with other people.

4) You use the phrase “Because I’m an INFJ” as an excuse

Do you use your typology as an excuse for your mannerisms?

INFJs make up just 1.5% of the population. It’s hard to find them, and even much harder for the general population to “click” with them right away.

Thus, it can also be easy for people to misread and misinterpret your actions. With a lack of understanding, you may brush aside your bad habits as things that people can’t immediately “get.”

However, this is often a faulty way to think.

INFJs, just like everyone else, aren’t perfect people. But attributing flaws in your character to your typology is a way to deflect yourself from actually working on it.

Instead, it’s good to have an open mind and not automatically reject things that may be deemed a weakness – just because you’re an INFJ.

5) They’re perfectionists

Do you spend a little more time than what you need to just to get things done perfectly?

INFJs love planning great things and making sure everything and everyone works in harmony with one another. They’re excellent at seeing what needs to be done in order for things to work out.

This can be a good thing, except when they go too far and claim the “perfectionist” label. This can be often paralyzing and lead them to thoughts of self-doubt and unworthiness.

This can be damaging and exhausting to their mental health.

6) They “door slam” others

Do you find it easy to let go of a friend even if they’ve been with you for so long?

INFJs are very aware of their mental state, and they can sense that a relationship is bad for them quite quickly. While other types may find it hard to part with someone so easily, INFJs can shut people out in a snap and remove them from their lives at a moment’s notice.

While this is a good way to remove toxic people, sometimes, a little bit of communication is all it takes for a conflict to be resolved. Unhealthy INFJs may cut people off too quickly, they may not have taken the chance to salvage a relationship that could still work out.

Closing Thoughts

Do you relate to any of the signs above? Are there more that we missed out on? Let us know in the comment section below.

That’s all for now, Psych2Goers!


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