6 Signs That You Have Genuine Level Intelligence

Have you ever wondered how smart or intelligent you are? Have you ever wondered if you were some sort of brilliant, undiscovered mind? Did school ever make you doubt your intelligence? Just because you may have failed in school or not done as well as expected, doesn’t mean you lack brains. You might be a different kind of genius. 

In 1983 in Harvard University, leading psychologist, Dr Howard Gardner, created a new theory: Multiple Intelligence which suggests that there are 9 types of intelligence that aren’t measured by standard IQ tests. So you might be more intelligent in a non-traditional way. 

Here’s a few signs that you might have genius level intelligence. 

  1. You Enjoy New Ideas

Are you willing to entertain new and unconventional ideas? Apparently, this desire to try out interesting, new things is linked to high intelligence. 

Preferring new activities and variety over routines and trusted patterns is one of the ways that the highly intelligent live. They enjoy brain teasers, new problems, philosophical arguments and eccentric, uncommon activities. For them, variety isn’t the spice of life. Variety is life. 

  1. Question Everything

Do you find yourself questioning everything and being curious about everything around you? Is your brain always buzzing with unanswered questions? This might be a sign that you are highly intelligent. 

A brilliant mind never stops questioning. You might enjoy reading and researching to find the answers to your questions. You are more observant than most and you enjoy delving deep into the depths of the questions of existence and the universe. This doesn’t depress you, it excites you. 

  1. You Might Be Addiction Prone Or Do Mood-Altering Substances

While you would think that someone who’s very intelligent would stay away from illegal substances, that’s apparently not the case. It seems that those who are geniuses are quite willing to indulge in drugs and alcohol. Some of history’s greatest minds have been known to be dependent on it: Jean-Michel Basquiat, Steven King and unsurprisingly, Sigmund Freud. 

Obviously not all highly intelligent people partake in these vices but there is a real correlation and it seems to be particularly strong in women. A 2011 study by Batty and White, which is based on the British Cohort Study of 1970 took 8000 people and tested their IQ scores at ages 5-10. They followed up with them at ages 16 & 30 and discovered that the group with higher intelligence scores used cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy and a combination of drugs. The same relationship apparently exists with alcohol. 

  1. You’re Prone To Worry

Highly intelligent people aren’t laid-back because of all of the constant thoughts racing through their brains. A 2012 study by Coplan et al suggests that anxiety may have given early humans a survival benefit in ancient times. Unfortunately, this trait has expanded and for some, they haven’t been able to shake it off. 

The highly intelligent struggle with thoughts and turning them off. They can’t shrug off random existential questions and sadly, they overthink every minute detail. 

  1. You Enjoy Being Alone

You might be a genius if you really value your alone time. You put this time to good use, maybe you spend time meditating or work on your own hobbies. You rarely need people to entertain you but you aren’t antisocial or unwilling to socialize with family or friends. 

A research study published in the British Journal of Psychology by Li and Kanazawa discovered that those with higher levels of intelligence exhibited a lower level of life satisfaction when they socialized more. You may love your friends but you prefer to problem-solve solo. 

  1. You Have A Twisted Sense Of Humour

Do you like telling jokes that others find weird and offensive? Do dark jokes make you laugh uncontrollably? Apparently, highly intelligent people have a twisted sense of humor that others don’t. 

A study by the University of Vienna concluded that a twisted sense of humor is a reliable sign of high intelligence. They hypothesized that the participants who responded to the most offensive jokes or told the most offensive jokes would score the highest in the IQ tests. And sure enough, the participants with dark humor scored higher on the verbal tests. 


If you relate to most of the above, then you may be smarter than you give yourself credit for. Remember that everyone is smart in their own way, as cliché and almost condescending as that is because it makes you feel like you’re getting a consolation prize. As similar as we all are, we also are different, so remember that the next time you question your intelligence. 

Thanks for reading. 


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