6 Signs You Look Better Than You Think

Do you ever wonder if you look attractive to others? Those with low self-esteem may believe they’re not as good-looking as they appear. When really, they’re forgetting the qualities that make them great. You may just have forgotten that you look more appealing to others than you think. Here are six signs you indeed look better than you think.

  1. You Have a Bright and Uplifting Personality

Who doesn’t love a good-hearted person? Especially when they have a bright personality that radiates with kindness. Are you someone who is often uplifting and sweet towards others? If so, others are sure to notice this attractive quality of yours. When people are in a good mood, and share their happiness with others, they appear as their best selves. What’s more attractive? Someone when they’re grumpy? Or someone when they’re happy? 

2. You Have Good Hygiene, and Grooming

Want to look your best? Practice good hygiene and take care of yourself! A daily shower and a nice haircut can really make the difference when appearing attractive towards others. Maybe you’re side-tracked on some of your small flaws that you forgot how nice you appear towards others, simply because you maintain good grooming. So while you may think it goes unnoticed, that new haircut of yours makes you stand out even more than before. In a good way, that is.

3. You’re True to Yourself

One of the most attractive qualities is being true to yourself. Those who are confident in who they are – and know what they want – can be viewed as desirable towards others. Why? Because everyone wants to be confident and true to themselves, so when we see another who radiates this confidence, we’re instantly drawn to them. So as long as you’re not cocky. There’s a difference between being arrogant and confident. 

4. You Stay True to Your Style


Speaking of confidence, are you true to your style? Maybe you’re the type who wears whatever they want, when they want, and you’re not afraid to wear something different. If so, most people are sure to appreciate your taste in style because of the confidence that comes with it. Why? Because it says something about you! Who you are. Which means those who are similar to you or who favor your taste in fashion, will likely gravitate towards you. And they’re bound to think you look good. You should too!

5. You Give Your Opinion

Hhhmmm, I’m seeing a theme here. Being yourself really pays off. Are you the type who doesn’t shy away from expressing your thoughts on a subject? Sharing one’s unique perspective openly can be a great quality to have. This also goes back to confidence, but it also can allow you to stand out – hopefully in a good way – because you’re not afraid to share a viewpoint or idea that others may not have thought of. People may admire your interesting perspective or ideas. Maybe they find your opinion is unique and agree with you. If so, they may just find they’re grateful you spoke up about it. And in turn, they find you attractive.

6. You Notice People Staring at You or Raising Their Eyebrows

Have you ever caught someone staring at you? Or maybe they’ve raised their eyebrows in surprise at you. You assume you have something in your teeth, or maybe they’re noticing your bad hair day. But it could be possible they just think you’re really good-looking. This can be a sign that you look better than you think. Body language tip? People will often raise their eyebrows in reaction to spotting a person they find attractive. This isn’t the case with everyone, but it does happen. This is often a subconscious response to being taken aback by a good-looking person. If you catch someone staring at you, or even raising their eyebrows, ask yourself. Are they smiling? Blushing? Hmm. Are they really looking at your messy hair or that broccoli stuck in your teeth? Or are they looking at those beautiful eyes of yours? Give yourself some credit. You’re better-looking than you think. 

So, do you relate to any of these signs? Have you found others staring at you with a smile? When’s the last time you were caught with broccoli in your teeth? Let us know in the comments down below! 

Written by Michal Mitchell

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