7 Signs Someone Is Attracted to You (And You Have No Idea)

Hey, Psych2Goers! Welcome back to another installment of “How Do I Know If They Like Me?” Asking someone out is a super difficult, and a lot of the reason why is due to the chance of being rejected. In 2016, David B. Givens found that physical attraction and seduction is mostly nonverbal. Shocker, no one usually comes out and says they like you. So, how do you decode these nonverbal cues? Let’s take a look at 7 signs someone is attracted to you (and you have no idea)!

Side note: This article is for informative and educational purposes. It’s not a substitute for professional advice, just general guidance. We advise you to always listen to your intuition and always do what is right for you!

#1: Their body language shifts towards you.

Not everything we say is with our words. Body language plays a big role in what we “say”. Say you and a friend are sitting side by side watching TV. Is their body facing the TV or angled towards you. Are their arms and legs crossed? If their body is angled towards you with uncrossed arms and legs, this could be a sign that this person may be attracted to you. Extra bonus points based on how closely you two are sitting. The closer to the person you’re sitting, the more of a chance of them being attracted to you.

#2: They fidget a lot.

Say you and someone are having a conversation. You start noticing them shifting in their seat, fixing their hair, scratching their arm, or even playing with things around them. Chances are they’re anxious about something. Now, if you both are having lunch or coffee and are not in any danger, what could they be nervous about? I’d be willing to bet that person likes you and is just nervous being around you alone. This can be a really big help in telling if someone is attracted to you.

#3: There’s lots of eye contact (not creepy eye contact though).

When someone is attracted to you, they tend to look at you more often than they would a platonic friend. Not only to they look at you, they to make direct eye contact. When you’re looking at just anyone, prolonged eye contact can be a bit uncomfortable. When it’s the right person, you both may find yourselves gazing into each other’s eyes. When coupled with smiling (and maybe a touch on the arm), these can be sure indicators of someone being attracted to you.

#4: They find ways to “accidentally” bump into you. Figuratively speaking.

You and your crush work in the same office. You know they take their lunch at 12, and you take yours at 1. You time leaving the office just right so you can pass by them and strike up small talk every day. Maybe they find a way to pass your desk on the way back from the break room. This is a big sign of someone being attracted to you. They are creating opportunities to see and interact with you to create bond which can potentially grow into more.

#5: They find ways to “accidentally” bump into you. Literally speaking.

There is a very distinct line between platonic and romantic relationships. In my opinion, that line usually revolves around physical contact. I don’t know about you all, but I don’t let just anyone touch me. When someone is physically attracted to you, they’ll make excuses to make physical contact. It may be them commenting on how soft your sweater is while touching your arm. That extra connection gives a hint that they might want to be more than friends.

If you find yourself in this situation, this about your response. How do you feel when this person touches you? This could help you figure out if this is someone you’d like to go on a date with or someone you need to set a strict boundary with.

#6: They work their relationship status into the conversation.

There are two groups of people who I know love to work their relationship status into conversation, ESPECIALLY when it’s not asked for: newly engaged people and single people talking to their crush. (I know because… have I told you I’m engaged?) Someone who’s single and wants their crush to know will make it known! They don’t want any question about the fact that they’re available.

#7: They keep in contact with you.

When you are attracted to someone, want to get to know someone, or are even in a relationship, you usually talk to the other person the most. If you’re curious of someone is attracted to you, take note of how often that person initiates a conversation of any kind with you. In my personal opinion, initiating a conversation a day could be a sign. Multiple conversations or talking all day would be another really big indicator of their attraction for you.

I hope these signs helped you get an idea of what to look for to see if someone may be attracted to you. If you know of other signs, or you’ve seen these signs in someone you know, let us know in the comments below! As always, keep an eye on Psi for more Psych2Go content!

Have a wonderful day!

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