7 Signs You Are Secretly Introverted

Has someone ever questioned your introversion? Or have you been bordering between introversion and extroversion yourself, and unsure where exactly you stand?

Introverts make up around 25% to 40% of the world’s population (Very Well Mind). With a decent chunk of the world being introverted, there’s a high chance you might be one as well.

Read these signs below to figure out whether you’re a full-blown introvert or just someone who has introversion tendencies!

You prefer 1 on 1 conversations

Do you like having a deep conversation with one close friend over interacting with a group of people?

For introverts, it’s always substance over quantity. They’d much rather spend their time in the company of one or two close friends instead of spreading themselves too thin with strangers. Idle chatter in a large group does not interest introverts; it might even feel disingenuous to some of them. But a deep conversation with your best friend at 2 AM might be more suited to an introvert’s taste.

You like a planless weekend

Would you rather have a restful weekend over a high-energy one?

Weekdays are a great time for introverts to unplug and unwind. Especially for those with energy-draining jobs that require constant interaction. While it’s healthy to catch up to your friends every once in a while, you’re not at all weird for silently celebrating a cancelled plan or relishing a schedule-free day. Watching Netflix or meditating in your PJs sounds like a great plan for any introvert.

You prefer working alone over working with others

Do you find it difficult to delegate tasks to others, and even prefer working independently instead?

Introverts are drawn to jobs that involve independence. Instead of worrying about dealing with other people, they’d much prefer focusing their minds on their duties. Working as a writer, accountant, computer programmer, or graphic designer are great jobs for introverts since they don’t require a whole lot of small talk. On the other hand, working as a host or a retail staff may not mix well with the nature of most introverts.

You go to parties, but not to meet people

At parties, are you someone who’d rather stick by a close friend instead of meeting new people?

Even if you’re an introvert, you still do enjoy some degree of socialization every now and then. Many introverts don’t mind going to parties as long as a close friend is around to accompany them. An introvert and extrovert see parties in a fundamentally different way, however. An introvert will consider going to a party to spend great quality time spent with the debutant or friend, whereas an extrovert would consider a party a good time to scout for new and interesting people to talk to.

Your hobbies are solitary

Do you enjoy woodworking, running, video games, reading, and other things that don’t require much social interaction?

Just like working, an introvert enjoys indulging in low-distraction activities. A few hours absorbed in a book, a meditative stroll around the park, or watching a great TV drama are some of the things that an introvert loves to do. If having a good couple of hours all to yourself sounds like a good time rather than an absolute bore, you’re almost assuredly an introvert.

You spend a lot of time when making a decision

Would you consider yourself an indecisive person?

An introvert would constantly have back and forth conversations with their internal monologue. Introverts tend to take a long time to process information before diving into something, whether it’s picking a college course or ordering food off a menu. While this trait allows them to see all angles in problems, it could also lead them to fail to make a decision and have it snatched away.

You can get extremely passionate all of a sudden

Do people get surprised when you get worked up about a topic that you’re passionate about?

Introverts may appear reserved and shy at first. But don’t be fooled. Once you get them going, they can talk your ears out. Introverts tend to drown themselves in their hobbies and interests. And since most of these interests are solitary in nature, an introvert may not have a platform to express their passion about it if no one else shows their interest. But if you give them a chance, their enthusiasm can surprise any unsuspecting person.

Closing Thoughts

Do you relate to any of the signs above?

If you have, consider yourself an introvert! We hope you have learned more about the tendencies of introverts. 

That’s all for now, Psych2Goers!


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