8 LGBTQ+ Webcomics That You Should Read

In an entertainment world dominated by heteronormative media, finding quality stories that center mainly around queer characters can be like finding a needle in a haystack for us in the LGBTQ+ community. Don’t get me wrong, like most queer individuals, I grew up watching and loving straight love stories.

But when I was in high school trying to work through my sexuality and all the obstacles that came with it, I came across my first webcomic series. Upon reading it, I experienced something I never could with a more traditional love story. These characters were dealing with the same issues I had. They too had their battles with the closet. With dating in secret. With coming out to friends. With parental neglect. With public judgment. Reading this comic gave me hope that I could work through my own problems. That, readers, is the power of representation.

Though LGBTQ+ representation in film and TV has been improving over the years – see this article on “Love, Simon” – independent creators have proven themselves to be way ahead of the curve. These online comics focus on inclusive, LGBTQ+ heavy content and a range of stories and characters that cater to every color of the pride flag rainbow.

There are hundreds of LGBTQ+ webcomics out there, but here are a few that are definitely worth reading!


  1. Tripping Over You

Website – trippingoveryou.com

Creators – Suzana Harcum & Owen White

Status – Active. Updates on Mondays and Fridays

Sexually explicit content? – No. 18+ content is optional through purchase.

This one’s a personal favorite! Tripping over you is a fun, charming story that follows Milo and Liam, two young men who develop a romantic relationship in the midst of their awkward high school years. Whether you’re extroverted and happy-go-lucky like the ever-charismatic Milo, or introverted and a little grumpy like Liam, there is at least one character in this comic you’ll be able to love and relate to.

While Milo is gay and Liam is bisexual, this story includes a diverse cast of a lesbian couple, supportive schoolmates, and crazy family members. Tripping Over You tackles topics like new love, coming out, bullying, safe sex, and handling partnered conflict.


  1. Always Human

Website – https://www.webtoons.com/en/romance/always-human/list?title_no=557&page=1

Creator – Ari, aka Walkingnorth

Status – Completed

Sexually explicit content? – No

Always Human is a sci-fi love story about the romantic relationship between a virtual-reality designer named Sunati and a chemistry student named Austen. This story contains a creative story-world twist: characters are able to use “mods”, which are nanotechnologies that can change anything from your hair color to your memory quality, to the possession of breasts. While this story focuses on a lesbian relationship, this body mod plot device slackens gender norms, making for gender-fluid character designs and opening our minds to the costumed aspects of binary gender. The artwork is also stunning!


  1. Thistlewine

Website – thistlewine.tumblr.com

Creator – Jack Gross

Status – Active. Roughly one post weekly

Sexually explicit content? – Yes

Thistlewine is a story about a gay witch – not your typical Hogwarts pointy-hat-wearing type – who lives alone in the woods until he finds an injured young man while on an outing. This comic feels like a character study. Markus (the witch) and Nick are the only two that exist in this world so far. The charm of this comic comes from watching these two learn about each other’s personalities and mysterious pasts. If you’re into long-haired, gender-fluid, moody spectacled spell-casters and extremely curious white-haired boys, this is the comic for you.


  1. Band Vs Band

Website – bvbcomix.com

Creator – Kathleen Jaques

Status – Active. New post every Monday

Sexually explicit content? – No

Band Vs Band is a quirky series about two rival bands – the extremely sweet Candy Hearts, and the punk rock Sourballs – and the spiked levels of attraction between their most rival members. Lipstick lesbian Honey Hart (of the Candy Hearts) and butch girl Turpentine (of the Sourballs) do what they can to get under each other’s skin, while slowly and inevitably falling in love with each other. This series has an old-fashioned comic feel – the artist uses a pop-art coloring style while keeping to red white and blue as her colors of choice, making for an interesting reading experience.


  1. SAD to GAY

Website – https://tapas.io/series/SAD-to-GAY

Creator – Phallically Impaired

Status – Active. New post every Sunday

Sexually explicit content? – There’s an imaginary horse with a dildo strapped onto its head, but that’s pretty much it.

This comic follows the trials and tribulations of a gay trans man. The author, who goes by the name Phallically Impaired, gives a comedic – though with seriously introspective undertones – look into coming out, transitioning, societal expectations, and gay orientation. They do this through their main character, Vincent, and his imaginary dildo-horned unicorn, Packer. There’s the main story to follow, as well as some very insightful short stories to read along the way!


  1. Bromance

Website – https://tapas.io/series/Bromance

Author – Trystan, aka ZeTrystan

Status – Active. New posts 3-4 times a month

Sexually explicit content? – No

Bromance is a relatively new comic about two monster slayers/roommates. Hector is a sorcerer, and Nicholas is his infatuated roommate. The two summon a demon named Hugduu’l, who ends up being roommate number three. Definitely not in parallel with what the title makes it out to be. It’s Adventure Time meets Scott Pilgrim. It’s crazy and colorful, and each comic post is full of magic and hilarity. Bromance is definitely worth following!


  1. Circuits and Veins

Website – https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/circuits-and-veins/list?title_no=98905

Author – Jem Yoshioka

Status – Active. New posts every 2 weeks

Sexually explicit content? – No

Another one for you sci-fi enthusiasts out there! Circuits and Veins is a story about two newly-made neighbors who fall in love with each other and start dating. Aki and Ai are just two awkward, adorable dorks… And Ai is an android (Get it? Ai? A.I?). These two women face very familiar problems and scenarios in a very unfamiliar futuristic setting. This comic is as visually interesting as it is adorable.


  1. Always Raining Here

Website – alwaysraininghere.com

Authors – Hazel and Bell

Status – Completed

Sexually explicit content? – Yes

An endearing story with melancholy themes, Always Raining Here is a story about two small-town teenagers and their journey to be together. Adrian is a type-A teenager in recovery from a recent heartbreak. Carter, a horn-dog who has frequent hookup sex, begins a personal quest to get into Adrian’s pants. But after getting to know Adrian a little better, Carter’s intentions begin to change. This story tackles serious themes like recovering from breakups, and non-consensual sex.


Give one a read! Heck, give all of them a read! Do you have any favorite webcomics you would like to share? Share them below for your fellow Psych2Go readers in the comments section down below. Happy reading, everyone!










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  1. I’ve read and re-read Always Human, and I can honestly say that I have yet to find a sweeter, purer, romance story yet.