9 Things Introverts Would Like To People To Tell Them

Have you ever wondered what an introvert would like to hear once in a while? Just like any other person introverts need to hear encouraging words once in a while. Maybe even more so because we tend to be a bit more sensitive than others.

If you’re wondering how to make your introverted family member or friend’s day keep reading. 

This article is for entertainment and educational purposes only. This article is not meant to diagnose or treat anything. If you need help or advice on anything please contact a mental health professional. 

Without further ado, here are 9 things that introverts would like to hear. The next list is based on an article posted on IntrovertDear about things introverts would like to hear and my experience as an introvert. 

1. Words of appreciation

Due to their introversion, introverts tend to look for ways to get things done behind the scenes so as not to get the spotlight shone on them. Unfortunately, that leads to much of their work or achievements going unnoticed and unappreciated. 

This becomes a pattern for everything they do, including when helping friends or family. The help they give goes unnoticed or begins to be expected. There comes a time when introverts feel invisible. 

A few words of appreciation can light up an introvert’s world as it makes them feel seen and like their effort was not wasted. It also makes them feel like they are doing something good or right instead of just not being sure due to not getting any type of feedback. 

2. Are you ok?

Image Credit/ Anna Shvets

Introverts don’t generally get asked if they are alright due to their quietness and stillness. This stillness is often seen by others as something good because they think that being still, means being in a peaceful and balanced place. 

This is not always the case so when someone asks an introvert how they are, it truly makes their day. This act also lets the introvert know that someone is paying to them, that someone does care in some way, shape, or form. The silence and, sometimes standoffish, way of the introverts means that not many people approach them and they feel alone. 

Someone asking if they are alright lets them know that there are people that can accept them for who they are, and care about them. 

3. Compliment the way they think

Introverts think a lot, often to the point and sometimes detriment, of overthinking. This happens because of observation and wanting to do the right thing on the part of the introvert. Introverts are observers, they spend vast amounts of time absorbing information on the conscious and unconscious levels. 

This enables them to accurately know things about others even though they rarely say anything. All of the information they absorb is then analyzed in several different ways, mainly to see it through different perspectives. 

It is very satisfying when someone acknowledges the mental and emotional work that introverts put into their thoughts. And more so, if they put those thoughts and ideas forward in some way because, as an introvert, it is not often that we express ourselves to others. It is exhausting work that often doesn’t get praised. 

4. I love the way you are

Everywhere you go, and everywhere you look, you can always see other people being praised for their extroverted personalities. If you are an introvert, it is very rare that people look at you or take the time to know you. 

What is most valued in today’s society is the outward qualities a person can demonstrate. For us introverts, this makes us feel outcasted and like we need to change to develop the connections that we see others have. 

Being praised for being the way we have let us know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being an introvert, that we don’t have to change if we don’t want to, and that is a big relief for us. 

5. Thank you for your insight

Image Credit/ Andrea Piacquadio

As thinkers, introverts work very hard to analyze, process, learn and even put themselves in someone else’s shoes to help solve problems. But, because what is normally considered as hard work is usually physical labor or something that others can see from the outside, this kind of hard work of the mind and emotions is often overlooked or criticized. 

It can also be shut down and laughed at because people do not understand us or they for some reason get triggered. When someone compliments or thanks us for our advice and insights it helps us introverts feel like we did something right. And that we are helping people. It also makes us feel understood, at least on some level. 

If you thank an introvert for their insight it is guaranteed to make their day. 

6. I feel so comfortable with you

In my life, I’ve had many people say how comfortable and peaceful they felt around me. How it was so easy to just sit in silence and be. This has always made me feel so good inside for a few reasons. 

The first one is that I feel good providing that space where people can just be people without expectations. It is not something that is given much by society because it always wants people to fulfill certain predetermined roles. But that can be toxic on many levels. So the fact that I can provide this special feeling to someone else makes me think of how much I am helping them just unwind. 

The second reason I like it when people say this to me is that if they feel the peace it means that they are healing and that I am part of that healing. In a society where everything is fast-paced and there is little to no rest, it is easy to be run down and wounded. It is not easy to heal from all of that. For me, it is an honor to know that, even if just for a few minutes, I am providing a safe place for others to get away from their tumultuous day-to-day and heal. 

7. You were/are right

The constant thinking of the introvert enables us to see many possible outcomes of situations. But more often than not, when we try to disclose these possibilities to others, we aren’t heard. 

Then when those possibilities do come true we either get people mad at us, ignore us completely, or we just can’t find the courage to tell them “I told you so”. This kind of treatment makes most of us keep things to ourselves to protect ourselves from backlash making us quieter. 

When you acknowledge, with sincerity and a good heart, that we were right all along it helps us realize that not everyone will react negatively to what we have to say and will give us more hope to open up more. 

8. We can go whenever you like

Image Credit/ Anna Shvets

One thing we introverts hate is going somewhere with no way of getting out of it once we get drained or overstimulated. A lot of people don’t understand that introverts do not thrive or get energy from other people, instead of getting tired from having to deal with others. 

When we have someone that says that we can go back home whenever we like it makes us feel seen and loved as well. It is not often we get people interested in us since we aren’t expressive in the socially normative way. 

9. I’m here for you

Introverts are very good at being there for others all the time, but not very good at being there for themselves. Nor are we good at letting other people in to help us. 

With a little patience and persuasion though, we can open up to others and let them in. It is a slow process but one that is very rewarding for the other person and us. 

Hearing for the first time that someone is there for us whatever we need does take a lot of weight off of our shoulders and reminds us that we don’t have to do everything alone. Nor do we have to always be on high alert for someone else. 

These are just a few things that introverts would like to hear once in a while. What did you think? Do you relate to any of these? Let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to check out our Youtube channel for more about psychology. Thank you for reading. 


Oyibo, Y. (2021, October 12). 11 Comforting Things Introverts Would Love to Hear. IntrovertDear.Com. https://introvertdear.com/news/11-comforting-things-introverts-would-love-to-hear/

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