How Rare is Your Mbti Personality Type, Really?

Have you ever wondered about how rare your MBTI type really is?

Here, we’ll show you how your type fares against the general population.

The data shown below is based on data from the Myers-Briggs Foundation.

The results may come as a surprise!

That said, let’s take a look.

Disclaimer: The MBTI is a personality inventory designed to roughly identify a person’s personality type, split into 16 categories. As such, it may be prone to not quite hitting the mark for everyone: so take it as a list of rough tendencies rather than strict classifications. This video/article’s primary intention is for providing entertainment and light-hearted content backed up by properly-vetted professional sources.


The INTJs are the third rarest personality type at 2.1%, while the ISTJs are the thirteenth rarest at 11.6%. 

INTJs are gifted tacticians who’re adept at deeply analyzing complex situations, navigating through life almost like a chess game. The ISTJs are detail-oriented and dependable individuals who anyone can rely on, especially in the workplace. 

Both these types are known to be strategic and calculated, while still maintaining a sense of privacy and reservation from strangers and acquaintances. 


INFPs are middle of the pack at 4.4%, while ISFPs are more common at 8.8%.

INFPs are starry-eyed idealists who wear their heart on their sleeves. They feel their emotions strongly and are full of creativity. ISFPs are adventurers with a thirst for discovering themselves and the world around them. They’re passionate and independent people — and even unpredictable at times!

Both these types are sensitive, caring, and are firm believers of what they stand for. 


ESTJs are the 11th rarest at 8.7% of the population, while ENTJs are the 2nd rarest at just under 1.8%.

ENTJs are natural-born leaders who can easily navigate their way through life. They’re great at planning and organizing both tasks and people, making them well-suited for leadership roles in the workplace. ESTJs, much like ENTJs, have an eye for detail and have a natural respect for tradition, honesty, and authority. 

These types are loyal friends to those they hold dear, and while they may sometimes come off as domineering, it’s all because they care deeply for them.


ESFPs comprise 8.5% of the population. ENFPs follow them right after, at 8.1%.

ESFPs are vibrant, friendly people who have an inborn sense of adventure. They’re highly social and love being in the spotlight — but they don’t stop others from having their moment to shine as well, especially their introverted friends! 

ENFPs are creative and imaginative individuals. These types love brainstorming with friends and challenging themselves intellectually. They’re free spirits and often times the spontaneous ones in the friend group.


ISFJs are the most common personality type at 13.8% personality. On the other hand, their intuitive counterpart is the rarest type at 1.5%. Big difference!

ISFJs have a strong sense of duty and hold a deep respect for those around them, all while maintaining a highly private side. INFJs, being the rarest type, are easily misunderstood by most. They enjoy thinking about the world and people’s inner emotions and motivations and seemingly have a knack for coming up with the right ideas at just the right time.

ISFJs and INFJs both value harmony, in their own distinct ways. They’re inherently different types, but one thing’s for certain: both of them are loyal souls that’ll do anything for the people they love.


ESTPs and ENTPs comprise 4.3% and 3.2% of the population respectively.

Both types are known for being talkative and charismatic individuals and can also be brutally honest. Despite that, they’ll rarely pass up an opportunity to converse with interesting people! ENTPs, in particular, are always looking out for ways to debate and engage in conversations with others. And they do this through their creative insights and intellect.

ESTPs may come off as thrill-seekers, which is true, but deep down they are loyal friends and great at building rapport with people. This type is all about living in the moment!


ESFJs are the second most common type at 12.3%, while ENFJs are the fourth rarest type at 2.5%

Do you know Martin Luther King Jr. or Nelson Mandela? If you do, there’s a good chance they were ENFJs. They’re humanitarians who are always in tune with the people around them. While they’re extroverts, this personality type is also known for being bright and insightful — which makes them excellent listeners and relayers of information!

ESFJs place a great deal of value on family and tradition. They love staying connected with friends and organizing events for their friends and family.


ISTPs are the 6th rarest personality type at 3.3%; ISTPs rank 8th at 5.4%

ISTPs are intelligent and curious people who can often be seen spending hours tinkering away at some new gadget or project. They’re also known for being resilient problem solvers who are cool and collected under stress.

Intelligent and ever-curious people, INTPs love coming up with new theories and ideas.  They approach things with rationality and objectivity, and they’re more than happy to explore more ideas to appease their intense curiosity.

Closing Thoughts

How rare was your type? Did the results shock you?

Whatever your type is, know that these personality type tests are fluid and rarely fully indicative of your identity.

That’s all for now, Psych2Goers!


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