QUIZ: What’s Your Best Personality Trait?

Have you ever wondered what people notice the most about you? Maybe you’re looking for something to put on a resume. Knowing what your best traits are can make a huge difference when you’re dating, applying for jobs, or making new friends. By learning what stands out about us we can hone our personalities and put our best feet forward in every situation. Take this quiz to figure out what your best personality trait is, and start impressing people today!

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  1. U literallly asked me what student archtype i was and i said the artist and boom!ur result is creative!!u shud be an artist!!no shit sherlock

  2. I’m an artist, teacher, professional musician and writer so yes that’s who I am.
    I get to make a living doing something I’d do for free.

    Best time ever!?

  3. an Intellectual
    Move over Einstein! You’re the new big brain around here. People are constantly impressed by your knowledge, and your willingness to share that knowledge. While you’re never condescending your smarts can tick some less intelligent people off. Pay no attention to them though, because you’re going to do amazing things!

    Of course! I’ve been reading and thinking since … forever. My idea of heaven is a new library of books to read.

  4. “Dedicated.
    Whether you’re embarking on a new relationship, starting a new career, or launching a new self-improvement campaign, you’re dedicated every step of the way. Your stalwart nature might sometimes come across as too intense, but you know the only way to get results is to throw yourself in 100%. Your dedication will get you far in life, and will open many doors. Congratulations in advance!”

    I’d say it is quite coherent with reality- was fun completing the quiz

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