Signs Your Online Friend Likes You Back

Have you ever wondered if your online friend likes you back? You’ve just met a really interesting person online, now you want to know if they want to be close friends. Or perhaps you think they have romantic feelings towards you. But how can you tell they want to virtually hang out with you just as much as you want to hang out with them? Whether they like you romantically, or just as a really good friend, here are six signs your online friend does indeed like you back.

1. They Text You A Lot

Does your online buddy message you often? Do you both check in on each other each week or even day to day? Someone who’s interested in you actually texts back, and they will often initiate the conversation just as much as you do, if not more. Maybe you both have similar interests or hobbies. If so, they will likely want to text you about them and start up a conversation about these topics. More importantly, if you text them often as well, they make sure you don’t fall out of touch. Every healthy relationship requires good communication. So, pay attention to if they actually communicate with you.

2. They Respond Fast

If someone genuinely likes you, they won’t want to leave you waiting if they’re not busy. If they have time to talk to you, and want to talk to you, they will respond quickly to your messages. Many people have busy lives or hectic schedules, so don’t take offense if they don’t always respond right away. Your schedules may simply not match! But a good friend will generally let you know why they suddenly disappear from the online conversation, or if they’ve been busy in a short or lengthy response later.

3. They Ask About You & Show Interest

Ask yourself this: does my friend ever ask about me? Do they show interest in my responses? If so, it’s likely that they… well, like you! Whether they like you as a good friend or romantically, showing interest is expected. If you give a lengthy response on how you’re doing, do they often acknowledge and respond to your comments directly? Do they show interest in your hobbies and life? Do you show interest in them? It’s important to show you care if you genuinely like someone. Let them know you’re there for them and want to talk! A good friend is sure to not shy away from publicly showing their friendship as well. So if you notice them liking and commenting on your posts, that’s often a great sign of interest as well!

4. They Keep The Conversation Going

While sometimes there’s simply not a lot to talk about, a good friend will generally try to keep the conversation going if they’re not too busy. This could mean bringing up some things about their day, interesting comments on a show they’re watching, or even sending funny memes! They’ll simply make an excuse to talk to you. And once you start talking, they’ll generally put a bit of effort in keeping the conversation going. That is, if you put in some effort too! If you don’t, they may be wondering if you like them as much as they like you. Simply put, if you’re having a fun time talking to them, casually let them know!

5. They Use Emojis

Since this is an online friend, emojis are bound to be present. Emojis make a conversation a little less formal, and bring a relationship a bit closer. Usually, the more rampant emojis used the more they feel comfortably close to you! The more the merrier, right? That is unless they’re totally against emoji-use. That’s a… pretty important characteristic to know about your friend. Communication is key remember! But! If you notice their emojis have started to include hearts in them? Along with a bit of flirting texts? They may be trying to hint they like you like you. Oh snap!

6. They Want to Talk to You On the Phone or On Video Call

If you’ve been talking for some time to your online friend through messages, they may just want to video chat or call you on the phone. Maybe you met your friend in-person at a concert and then exchanged social media handles. Now they want to call you on the phone to talk about their hectic day. Or maybe you met a friend on your favorite video game, and now they’re inviting you to join their online party. People can be online friends without often talking in-person or on the phone. They may still like your social media posts, and check up on you through text. It’s simply a chill and friendly type of relationship! But if your online buddy wants to talk to you through video call or on the phone, it likely means they feel a strong connection with you. They may want to build your friendship further. If you’re just as thrilled about them as they are about you, you may just find yourself texting ‘BFF’ to your new BFF. With loads of rampant emojis of course. 😉

So do you have an online friend? Do you text them often? Do you think they like you? Feel free to share with us in the comments! When in doubt, simply asking them how they feel about you is never a bad idea. And letting them know you enjoy your conversations and consider them a good friend is even better! Who doesn’t want to respond with emojis after that? 

Written by Michal Mitchell

Follow me on Instagram and Twitter at @jackycoocoo for more articles, celebrity interviews, original poetry and more.

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