10 Psychological Tips From Creative People

Actors, artists, rock stars, and writers have the ability to touch us on not only a personal scale, but a global scale as well. We see these people on TV and on our bookshelves; in the movie theatres and in the grocery stores. But what makes them so special? Creativity. Creative people rule the world, be it through becoming media icons or designing the sleek new products we see and use everyday. We love creative people, and we want to know all their secrets. Especially when it comes to work! Creative people seem to have the most consistent output, and the most satisfying. We’ve discovered the how and the why behind creative people and their work output, and have compiled ten psychological tips from creative people to help you increase yours. Read on, and soon you’ll be producing music like Kanye and painting like Picasso!    

1. Integrate Art

Creative people are incredibly vocal about the importance of exposing oneself to art. By integrating art into your life, your brain starts to reflect on it. This trains you to look for meaning, messages, metaphor, and other important information everywhere. Another benefit to looking at art is that you’ll gain inspiration for your own art. While watching music videos might not seem beneficial, it might just give you the idea you need to one-up your competitors during your next business pitch.



2. Ask Questions

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    This should go without saying. Creative people ask a lot of questions. Queries like “what if” and “why” create a climate of curiosity. It’s through this curiosity that creative people are able to make connections, gather information, and develop opinions. Go ahead; ask more questions, and watch the creative ideas flow.


3. Work With Your Productivity

Most people get stuck in a routine. But is this the routine that’s most effective for you? Creative people know when they’re most productive, and they work with it… Not against themselves. By embracing the schedules their bodies want to follow, they’re able to increase their productivity. You might even find you’ll get more leisure time out of it too!  


4. Express Your Ideas

Even if they seem silly at first, creative people follow their ideas. They don’t judge a piece until after it’s complete, or after it’s been discussed. The more you express your ideas the easier access you’ll have to them as well. In the future ideas will come more easily, and you’ll be quick on the draw for any brainstorming sessions at work.


5. Go On Adventures

6. Be an Observer

Not only is it important to go on adventures, it’s important to step back and observe those adventures. Observers get to take in everything, and through that receptivity develop unique and rich opinions. Observe your surroundings in everyday life too, as there’s lots of opportunities in the world. Only through observation do we find them though.


7. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness might sound like a buzzword nowadays, but we’re convinced that it’s actually a really important part of life. By being mindful of yourself and the world around you you’re able to bring more positive energy and calmness into your life. Honesty becomes easier, as does eradicating unwanted habits. Mindfulness also helps you achieve a greater attunement to yourself, which means you’ll be able to play your strengths more.


8. Embrace Risk

Risk is the driving force of a creative person, and it gets great results. Most often people who risk a lot fail a lot; however, the more desensitized a person gets to failing, the more they’re willing to risk! The more they’ll explore their ideas, and the more they’ll express the things they want to say. Creative people learned this long ago, and embrace the risk-equals-reward scale.


9. Daydream

Just because you’re not on-task doesn’t mean your brain is inactive. By daydreaming you’re engaging different parts of your consciousness, while letting your subconscious deal with the real problems. Daydreaming is also a great way to come up with creative ideas and situations that you might not otherwise give yourself permission to think about. It’s like going on an adventure, but in your mind!


10. Create

When you get right down to it, creative people create. They create experimental work, successful work, and a lot of failed work. But they keep going. They know that the only way to go farther in their work is to create more of that work, and that’s a lesson we all could learn. The more we do, the farther we’ll go. Who knows… Maybe you’ll be the next research scientist making big breakthroughs and saving lives. Just take the risk!

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