10 Ways to Find Inspiration

Creativity can be hard to capture. Sometimes the perfect idea is so close that we can smell it, yet it keeps just out of our grasp. The hard truth is that we have to be patient with inspiration; we have to let it come to us. But there are ways we can prepare for it so that it can find us a little bit easier.

1 – Start With the Small Stuff

You may not be able to solve your bigger, long-term problems in a day. Trying to tackle the big picture all on your own can eventually get very overwhelming. Think of your main goal as a puzzle. The image won’t be clear to you unless you work on getting the pieces together! Gain confidence in working on something smaller. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed in trying to write the next great novel. Write a few short stories first!


2 – Write Things Down

If you’re someone looking to be inspired, it’s a great idea to keep a notebook with you wherever you go (or just use the note feature on your phone, whatever floats your boat). Write everything down. Anytime something in your day makes you think of an idea – whether it’s big, small, amazing, and possibly terrible – write it down! Writing down all your ideas makes it easier to check back and evaluate them. You never know, one of them could be your next great source of inspiration… it’d be a shame to forget!


3 – Read

It’s common knowledge that successful people read whenever they can. Reading books, blogs and newspaper articles can broaden your knowledge of multiple subjects, and help you discover new connections to ideas for work of your own.


4 – Hit the Gym

Working out doesn’t just stimulate your body – it stimulates your mind, too! A good workout can help you to stop ruminating about the past and worrying about your future. When you exercise, your mind devotes it’s focus to the physical activity at hand. This helps you stay more alert and focus in general – you’ll be ready to act when you see something that truly inspires you.


5 – Take Care of Yourself

We can’t expect to be full of great ideas all the time. Working too hard to find great ideas can overexert us in the long run, preventing us from getting inspired at all. It’s important to give ourselves time to lay back. Get lots of rest, eat well, and give yourself a little vacation or relaxation time. Your creative abilities will definitely thank you for it.


6 – Listen to Music

There has been a well-proven relationship between music and creative intelligence. Finding stimulating music to listen to can help to trigger your imagination. Music can truly change your perspective, and help you to see things in ways you’ve never thought of!


7 – Don’t Overanalyze


Sometimes it feels especially hard to think of ideas because we, our own harshest critic, like to shoot down our own ideas for not being good enough. No idea is ever perfect, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good. Quit being such a perfectionist! Act on your idea, even if it means it’s not fully formed just yet.


8 – Learn New Things

The world is full of amazing ideas. All you need to do is look for them. It’s important to keep our minds stimulated and constantly filling with new information. If you don’t, you’ll find that your creativity well will run dry! In your spare time, take a class on something new that you’d like to learn. Study up on some history. Researching the past can lead you to some great solutions for the present. Read articles and listen to talks online. Browse the web, and see where it takes you.


9 – Surround Yourself With Role Models

Make sure that you spend time with people you admire. People who will encourage you, and motivate you to push yourself to find great ideas and make bold choices. These role models can be close friends and family, but they can also be creative people you admire; historical figures, famous minds, even fictional characters! When push comes to shove, you can ask yourself how your role models would solve your problem. You may find a creative answer that you’ll be able to use!

10 – Stop Beating Yourself Up

It’s okay to have times when you don’t feel creative or inspired. Take a mental break from finding that million-dollar idea and stop feeling bad about it! It’s also okay to not have an idea that you thought was great. Finding a great idea is trial and error. Just remember the old cliché: Rome wasn’t built in a day. Keep pushing – inspiration will come to you before you know it.


Thanks for reading!

Do you have any inspirational stories to share with your fellow readers? Tell us about it in the comments section down below! Thank you for supporting Psych2Go!


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Edited by Viveca Shearin

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