6 Habits That Will Help You Level Up Your Life

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It’s October already. Can you believe how fast this year went? Some of us have been hitting our goals for the new year and taking great strides forward. However there might be some of us who haven’t been so lucky. With about 12 weeks left of 2021, we might be thinking about waiting til the new year to level up in life. 

Why wait? 

Just like we can overestimate what we can do in a day, we definitely underestimate what we can do in a year. And these last weeks can go by pretty quickly whether or not we are planning and executing goals and dreams. You might feel discouraged by the amount of time gone by with little success. That’s okay. Life ebbs and flows. So to help you get into a better flow for the year to come and to start revving up your engines, I have 6 habits for you that you can implement to help you level up, not just for 2021/2022 but for the rest of your life. 

  1. Seek Out Genuine Excitement

We make many decisions and we don’t always feel like saying “hell yes!” to them. Since we have mind-numbing tasks that we have to do, why not find tasks that make you feel excited and energized to do it? Doing things that put a  spark in your life. 

If responsibilities, questions or opportunities arise that don’t make you say “hell yes!” or aren’t in your best interests or helping you to progress, why agree to doing them? While you might feel a tinge of guilt or you shunned an obligation that you don’t really have, you need to focus on yourself. You need to be passionate about life, especially your own and embrace it with joy. 

  1. Be Kind to Your Body

The only constant friends that you will ever have are yourself and your body. You need to treat your friends really well. Practicing kindness towards yourself will help you develop and maintain a high self-esteem, self confidence and a good relationship with the inevitably of failure that doesn’t affect your view of yourself. 

To level up, you need to be nurturing to yourself and love yourself. This creates a self worth and belief in yourself. Eating primarily healthy foods and exercising regularly will not only make you feel good, strengthen your immune system and body functioning but it’s a great self investment for when you get older and you’re not dealing with a lot of growing older pains. You’ll also feel comfortable and confident in your own unique and beautiful body. 

  1. Feed Your Mind Positive Stories

The thoughts and beliefs in our minds run on a loop, without fail. It’s important that we are aware of them and if they serve us in who we are or who we are working on becoming. If you think that you are not smart, ugly, worthless, doomed to a life of poverty or lacking courage, all of those negative, limiting beliefs will come to pass because it’s what you believe in. 

  •  become aware of them and how they came about 
  • Analyze how this belief makes you feel, what it makes you do and if it’s a belief you still want to hold onto
  • If not, start incorporating daily affirmations that you want to align with that will over time, replace the negative beliefs 

These beliefs and thoughts can come from assumptions we make about ourselves and the experiences  we’ve had. That’s why it’s important to:

Having a positive mindset is not only good for learning from your mistakes and laughing about them but will help you achieve your goals because you believe that you are capable and that you have the abilities and skills to succeed. 

  1. Set Goals and Focus on The Process

Setting goals is like having a map to your destination. If you didn’t have one, you’d be lost and you would lose a lot of time trying to figure out what to do or where to go next. The goal being specific is of vital importance. If it’s vague, you’re not really going to feel inclined to actually do something about it. Write it down, have a Pinterest board of inspiration, a vision board or a plan. Set a goal for maybe working out, tending to your garden or doing your photography portfolio weekly. 

When we come up with a goal, we visualize and fantasize the outcome which is obviously in our favour. But we forget to focus on the process and the journey becomes so undesirable and annoying because you want what you want and you want it now, please. But the process teaches us valuable lessons about enjoying the moments, learning about ourselves and eventually being okay with failure and not letting it keep you down forever. 

  1. Reading

It’s shocking to me that the last time some people read a book was in high school when they were assigned them. I love reading books and any writing that I find interesting. Reading inspires, educates and enhances your imagination because you’re actively using it. 

Whether you read fictional murder mysteries or non-fictional books on influence and power, reading is a great way to relax your mind and to detach from social media and other obligations in general. The hustle and bustle of everyday life is put on pause while you recuperate in an alternate universe. Also, who doesn’t love a person who’s well-versed in a lot of things? They are great at board games like 30 Seconds. You’ll almost always win with them on your team. 

  1. Inspired Learning

Do you have a job, skill or interest you’ve been recently excited and curious about or you’ve always wanted to do? You can learn how to do it. With so many magazines, newsletters, articles and YouTube tutorials, the thing that you want to learn more about is now more readily accessible than ever before. 

Learning is a leveling up skill because we will never stop learning from and about life. There’s always a chance for learning and expanding our knowledge and wisdom. It also aids you throughout life because you are improving and growing, therefore becoming better at what you are learning and being a more well-rounded person. 


I hope you found something helpful to help you level up your life and bring more excitement, focus and balance into your life. Leveling up isn’t exclusively about making 7 figures annually, having the “perfect” body or the best clothes. It’s about the happiness and fulfillment that you find in your life for yourself, not what anyone thinks you should be doing to level up in their opinion,according to their metrics of leveling up. Now go and be great. 

Goodbye and good luck. 


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