6 Ways to Stop Maladaptive daydreaming

We love to wonder in the lives we have in our minds, the different realms of fantasy and even non-fiction fictions. Day dreaming is something we all as humans have done, because sometimes the worldy joy isn’t enough so you look into your head to find the love.

Did you ever felt so engrossed in the plotting of story going on in your imagines that you mistakenly forgot the pending project tomorrow?

Well if so, that’s the case for many of us. This daydreaming which interferes with your real life work and even distract you from interacting with people you care about.

This, although seems harmful, may contain some psychiatric disorders. So here are 6 ways you can stop Maladaptive daydreaming:

1 . Keep that mind busy

Most of the daydreams might be arising because of the long boredom, especially which started during the lockdowns. So try to be with your family or friends. Ask why? Well, you won’t be able to murmur, pause for no reason, or change facial expressions, with all the people around. The interaction will keep you busy even from your overpowering dreams.

2 . Step out of your comfort zone

When you are getting that test marks you most worked hard on or that decision on job promotion you requested weeks ago, have you noticed how your all your daydreaming characters never comes across your mind? Well that is where you find you by yourself. Feel the freedom to go outside in fresh air and try things that you have never done before cause then, you are you. Even negative events will help you, don’t worry, for back those periods you will be concentrating on yourself. That was what we want don’t we ?

3 . Make peace with your dreams

The novels which we have in your mind, the plot, the characters, they are not bad for you per se. Daydreaming is actually productive, which gets you into the world out of the box but maladaptive daydreaming needs to be controlled. To make peace with them, try to draw a line, to measure how much you want your mind to wander without it interrupting your priorities. Maybe before sleeping or while a break you can use them as a chimney escape. It will be hard for sure at first but it will be worth it in the end.

4 . Make a Daydreaming Journal

Maladaptive daydreaming can be really harmful and make you so unproductive and unaccomplished that it those momentary joys only backfires. Keeping your mind alert from having it wander above and beyond, maintain a journal for writing down your daydreams. This will not only help you develop a hobby but also help you track the origin of you dreams. Does it gets triggered when you are sad, lonely, how much do you have them and are they healthy for you? Asking these questions to yourself will make you realize your problems.

5 . Just Sleep Well

The study conducted by U.S. National Institutes of Health, stated that poor sleep quality or not enough leads to more frequent daydreaming. It’s also been linked to impaired memory, slower reaction time, impaired attention, and intrusive daydreaming. Therefore try to keep your sleep schedule maintained as it will also help your mental health.

6 . Speak to a Therapist

As there are not much research available on maladaptive daydreaming, there are no recommended medications or treatments yet. But talking to a therapist or a councellor might help you find out the underlying problem of this behaviour and this might also help you cope up with those conditions. As disorders like ADD and ADHD are also have maladaptive daydreaming as one of the symptoms, therefore meeting a psychiatrist will even help you discover if you have any medical disorders which causes such behaviour.

Daydreaming is human tendency, so try not to be too hard on yourself but keep in check if your mind is empowering you or are you it’s leader. It is also a part of your productive cycle, to romanticise that college or that job position you really want, so it’s important for you to feel motivated for those tough tasks and daydreaming helps in that.

Thank you for reading this post and reaching the end. You sir/ma’am/beautiful human , are a special being.Have a tremendous day!!


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