What is your Intelligence Type? – 9 Types Quiz

This quiz has got quite a number of questions, but that is what we need to determine which of the 9 types of intelligence is probably your strongest feature! The outcome of this quiz does not mean that you are not good at the other 8 types, it just shows you which is probably your strongest feature. It’s important to be honest in this quiz (so do not pretend to be more proficient at something than you are). No-one will be able to see your answers other than yourself. Some questions might seem alike, but those are there to account for different interpretations of the question.

Tick “true” or “false” / “A” or “B” according to your personal preference:

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So what was your result? Did you expect it? Does it match your personality?

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Discussion questions Gardner’s 9 Types:
– Do you think people with a certain personality type will be more likely to get a certain intelligence type?
– Introverted people can still have a very high intra-personal intelligence. Agree/Disagree. Why?
– Do you think it is possible to be approximately equally good at all of these? or do you think scoring high on one could impair your score on another type? (e.g. if you score very high on logical-mathematical (which links up with liking clear illustration of data), you’ll be less likely to score high on existential (liking thinking about abstract concepts).

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  1. According to this quiz I am intra-personal. The description it provided was pretty accurate in determining my intelligence! I think its interesting how individuals with a high intelligence in this aspect tend to study or have an interest toward philosophy and/or psychology. And that is exactly what I am majoring in!

    Taking this quiz is very beneficial but should not be taken too seriously. It can be used as a foundation to get an idea of who you are and what certain jobs or careers suits your personality and intelligence.

  2. Loved these results — I got spatial intelligence and I think it’s pretty accurate! I find a lot of introverts like myself tend to be more artistic, creative, and philosophical as well.

  3. There are dozens of existing theoretical modeles describing intelligence, and no two of them agree exactly on the types or even the different components of intelligence. This test is thus not enough to describe your intelligence completely, plus it seems to indicate only the type in which you did the best score, without really personalizing your results. So don’t give too much importance to this test !
    Otherwise, I stop criticizing haha, the test is well written, fun, and the picture is nice !!

    1. Hi Delienn! The test was never intended to give a complete view of the quiz takers intelligence, so you are right in saying that people shouldn’t take it too seriously.
      It’s indeed possible that you have an almost equal score on multiple categories, but our quiz making tool doesn’t support personalised results right now.
      Of course, intelligence is much more complicated than a single test. It was more meant to educate people on the inside workings and ideas of one particular intelligence theory (Howard Gardner’s 9 Types), in an interactive way.

      1. Thanks a lot for your answer, Kayleigh, you made every point clear ! 🙂

  4. This was a fun exercise. According to this I’m a naturalistic type who would do well in the wild. Unfortunately I do hate camping or roughing it in any way. I’m not sure how I could apply the information I received here.

    1. People with a high naturalistic intelligence tend to be very observant to small changes too, which don’t only happen in nature or in the wild. You might be quite good at finding your way around a station or busy square, or distinguishing the product you need from the rest of the aisle when you are in the supermarket.

      1. what happened to the quiz? its no longer here? theres just a bathroom stall question

  5. Really fun to take, perhaps you guys should link it to the myers brigg personality test, i also think the answer shouldnt be binary more of a scale and possibly show overall score ( what you scored in each one) but still awesome and good fun

  6. I think this was very well done, honestly! I have taken similar tests to like this before and the results on here were consistent with what I’ve been told in the past. Keep up the good work!

  7. I can not find the 9 types quiz all it gives me is a bathroom stall quiz?

  8. Why was there only one question? Which stall you would choose? Made no sense.


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