Dear, Suicidal Person

Dear, Suicidal Person:

Depression marks on you, leaving a void in your heart and soul. Feeling lost and confused, it seems like part of you is missing. Depression tries to convince you that suicide is the best option. Even after coming out of a major depressive episode. It somehow stays in the back of your mind. Its as if the option for suicide is ingrained to you. It’s a constant, exhausting battle.

Your brain ends up spewing toxic thoughts 24/7. For example, you think, “Why try? Just kill yourself” or “Soon this happiness will fade, end it.” Basically, your mind tries to sabotage every good situation. Blinding you into thinking that life won’t get any better and that the suffering will last an eternity. You end up feeling helpless and living life without hope is dangerous.

There is an intense fear when you are considering suicide or have attempted it in the past. It’s so terrifying that you may end up looking for a home in others. Although, it is essential to surround yourself with people who truly care. Putting your personal happiness in the hands of others will leave you feeling disappointed.

Suicide may seem like the answer, it isn’t. You may be tired of hearing this, but the pain is temporary. Take my word, as someone who has dealt with depression in the past and attempted suicide on multiple occasions. I won’t lie to you, it won’t be easy, but it isn’t impossible. With help you can overcome anything. Life, this world, the universe, is breath taking! You must be willing to look past the invisible blindfold over your eyes.

The brain is designed to protect you and to keep you from suffering, it will also stray you away from happiness. Don’t let it, fight. See yourself as a survivor and not a victim. Holding onto the past will no longer serve you. Seeing the world differently is scary. Happiness will feel weird at first. Discovering your passion and striving for your goals again can feel threatening. But I can assure you, if you push even in the darkest of days. You will come out victorious.

Don’t feel discouraged when you take a couple of steps back in your journey. Erase the notion that recovery is a straight line. There will be days when depression appears to comeback stronger and louder. Don’t listen to it, especially the lie about suicide. You can win this fight. A long as your willing to put on a fight. No one can save you, but yourself. Family and friends can hold you up, but they can’t fight this for you.

Suicide takes 800,000 lives, globally. You don’t have to be another statistic. I could have been one, but after feeling happiness, compassion, and inner love. I now know, life is beautiful and worth it. I implore you to join me on the millions of other people fighting for recovery.

With much love,


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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I have anxiety and depression both are constantly on my mind all the time. I don’t know how I’m still here tbh. I’ve thought about taking my own life way too many times. I started self harming back in December because I just couldn’t keep these feelings locked up anymore. Today especially just hit me hard again. I’ve been clean for about a month now but I don’t know how much longer that will last.

    1. Depression and anxiety and killer. I know its hard, but reach out to someone near you who can help. You don’t have to fight alone. 🙂 I wish you good luck.

  2. Thank you so much for this, you don’t know how much it means to me. This is so far the only one that I have seen or read. I am glad I found the Psych2go channel, or life would feel more dull.

  3. That’s all well and good when you’re employed. I lost my nonprofit agency in 2012. Because of a number of factors such as my age, my credit rating, and the fact that it took me more than six months to get a job… I’ve been unemployed for six years and I don’t see any hope that I’m going to break out of it. Six years of custom resumes and custom cover letters… Nothing. I had work my way up to a director level position. Now I can’t even get a job at Walmart stocking shelves. I’ve been malnourished for years… Previously I was in great shape for 25 years. Now my body and mind are betraying me. This vice might be good for people that Aren’t chronically unemployed… But for me it does no good. I’d rather blow my brains out.

  4. Thank you for sharing! Well said and important message. I’m still working up the courage to share my own story of ways depression and anxiety (and ADHD) have kicked my butt, but let’s just say I too have struggled with all three for a while and they like to spiral off each other in very not fun ways, as you are no doubt familar. I have a couple question. No obligation to answer, I just need to put them out there: Do you also struggle with physical symptoms like exhaustion from both depression and anxiety? If so, how do you not get more depressed by not having the same amount of energy to go out and do things after work as mentally healthy people? And have you ever had a medication stop working? If so, what do you do in those circumstances? Continue to stay strong and thank you very much for sharing!


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