How to Own Your Passions Independently

Isn’t it thrilling knowing that we have passions in which we aim to follow? But also, isn’t it heartbraking when those aspirations aren’t as well welcome by our surroundings? The people whose opinions and support we care and need the most.

Right now we’re about to find out How to Own Your Passions Independently.

1: Acknowledge How Important Your Passions Are to You

In order to fight for something we’ve got in first place to acknowledge what we’re fighting for and what position that possesses in our lives.

Here’s a tip: you’ll want to get a journal if you have one or a sheet of paper, you’re going to draw to columns on the paper and in one column you should write down what it is that makes you so infatuated about your passions and in the other column you’re supposed to write the reasons why you should not give them a try.

After the work is done you’ll have to be honest and answer to yourself what is it about your dreams that is so detrimental and irreparable that keeps holding you back from giving it a shot?

If you don’t find any logical/practical irreversible reasons to not do something that you love, than it means that you should undoubtedly go ahead!

2: Use the Importance That It Has In Your Life As Fuel

Every time you catch yourself overthinking about the directions you should take regarding to your dreams make yourself remember the reasons why they’re so significant to you.
Keeping what’s valuable about your passions fresh works as fuel for continuing on the journey to have them succeeding in your life.
If needed, go back to tip number one and read the list that you built for all of the things that make you infatuated about your passions, that might help!

3: Go Blind

A little strength and consistency will be required for this one because even though you might know that what the world says doesn’t define you or what’s going to happen in your future, some things simply bother us even when we’re aware of how unauthentic they are.
Ignore those independently of how it makes you feel, going blind right now means sticking to what you believe in no matter what everyone around thinks of it.

4: Connect With Those Who Are On The Same Journey

Another powerful source of motivation is connecting with those who are on the same path as we are. They are more likely to understand us, as they have probably gone or are going through the same things .
Finding a healthy, trustworthy community is finding support and understanding. Once in there, we’ll be seen, heard and helped.
Plus, ideas and experiences can be exchanged in the collective, providing ourselves not only knowledge but also a whole bunch of entertainment.

5: Master It

There’s is no other way to succeed in what you love without having to work for it. Mastering the tools that make your passion not only a passion but a conduit for life and a living is paramount if you really take your dreams seriously.
Having to do homework in whatever area we choose can be a little boring, maybe exhausting as well however, good things take time and require some effort alongside.

6: Help The Starters As You Level Up

Have you ever realized that the greatest ones in their areas are usually also masters of what they do? They tutor beginners helping them initiate their own journey based on the mistakes that they made and the lessons that they learned.
Tutoring isn’t only about teaching and giving, it’s as well about learning.
We can tell that those leaders never stop challenging themselves and bettering their skills, this is why they continue to push themselves forward in their careers, dreams and/or aspirations. It’s so that they can always advance to the next level of their capabilities and ambitions.
So remember, as soon as you level up don’t forget to help those who haven’t reached the next phase. Doing so, you will be assisting who one day you once were plus who one day you’ll be.

This is it for today’s article my friends, take care!

Camilla Oliveira

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