10 Signs You’ve Grown Mentally

Have you ever felt stuck at a certain point in your life? Maybe it feels like you’ve been in school for forever, or you’re feeling bored at work. We often get caught up in external growth, whether it be reaching a new milestone or starting something new. However, have you ever thought about internal growth? You may not realize it but becoming more mature is an ongoing journey throughout your entire life. Because it doesn’t rely on external milestones, seeing your mental growth can be very difficult. You may not even be aware you’re becoming more mature! So, curious to know if you are? Here are 10 signs you’ve grown mentally! 

1. You determine your own worth   

We know you’ve heard it before, and we know how hard it is to internalize, but you truly are the only one who determines your worth. No one, thing, or event makes you any less of a person. It takes a lot of time and patience to truly believe this, so if you do, it’s a huge sign you’ve grown mentally. If not, that’s okay! If you’d like help on your self-worth journey, feel free to check out another Psych2Go article called 12 Things That Do Not Determine Your Self-Worth. Determining your own worth is not only a huge sign you’ve grown mentally, but it’s also an overall great mindset. 

2. You learn from your mistakes   

While they may be embarrassing, everyone makes mistakes. They’re a part of life no matter how often we lay in bed wishing they never happened. When you make a mistake, it’s tempting to think, “Oh gosh, what is everyone going to think of me now,” or, “How long until everyone forgets about this?” However, as difficult as it is to internalize, all mistakes are learning opportunities. Part of growing mentally is realizing this and focusing on what you can do better for next time. 

3. You have morals   

Morals are complicated and often get pushed to the side when all of us seemingly have a million things to do. You may not think about the bigger questions like, “What do I want to be remembered as?” or, “What do I want to do with my life?” After all, answering them can get quite confusing and tiring. It’s okay not to have them figured out yet because as you get more free time and become more mature, you’ll slowly start to think about them more. If you’re thinking about them now, it’s a great sign you’ve mentally grown a lot.   

4. You take time more seriously   

When you were younger, did it feel like you had all the time in the world? You may have thought things like, “there’s always tomorrow,” or, “it’s just a few months.” However, it may be sad, but as you get older, you’ll likely realize that time is limited and precious. No one is guaranteed a tomorrow, which is a hard thing to accept, so it’s a good sign you’ve grown mentally if you have.  

5. You think about your well-being more often   

Have you ever pushed yourself too hard? It could’ve been by taking on too many responsibilities or not knowing when you needed a break. When you were younger, it might’ve felt like you could do everything. However, as you mentally age, you’ll learn more about your limits and how to take care of yourself. Realizing that everyone has both physical and mental limits that shouldn’t be pushed for the sake of their well-being is a huge sign you’ve grown mentally.   

6. You let go of things that are bad for you   

Have you ever known something wasn’t good for you but didn’t want to let go? Whether it be fear of change or denial, letting go is hard. You may find yourself holding onto people or things that end up bringing you down instead of lifting you up. As hard as it may be, part of maturing is doing what’s best for you, even if it hurts initially. After all, your happiness and well-being are important and should be taken care of.  

7. You confront your responsibilities head-on   

As much as we love procrastinating, it can easily get out of hand. A day late could quickly become weeks and then months. So, even if it may be effortless to procrastinate now, an important part of becoming more mature is confronting your responsibilities head-on and learning about long term consequences. Doing so is not only a sign you’ve grown mentally, but it’ll also help you lead a much less stressful and hectic life.  

8. You celebrate the success of others   

Jealousy is a normal human emotion. From high school to college, and then the workplace, society tends to put a huge emphasis on competition. It’s easy to get caught up in the competition and think, “why couldn’t that have been me,” or, “they’re so far ahead compared to me now,” when someone else accomplishes something. While that’s perfectly normal, a huge sign of becoming more mature is outgrowing the constant feeling of everything being a competition. It may take some time to internalize, but other people’s achievements don’t make yours worth less.   

9. You complain less  

It may feel good to complain, and everyone needs to vent from time to time, but what does complaining do for you? When you were younger, complaining might’ve been the only thing you thought you could do. But, as you get more mature, you may realize that complaining without action won’t solve anything. Of course, it feels good, but if it’s about something you’re not going to try to fix, why let it ruin your day further? A great sign you’re growing mentally is if you focus on the positives of life and what you can change rather than everything that’s bothering you.  


10. You plan more often   

Have you ever thought making plans was boring and unnecessary? If so, chances are it was when you were younger. It can be easy to do things on a whim when you’re younger as it may seem as if everything will just work out in the end. However, a part of getting more mature is taking your actions and decisions more seriously. And, if you plan more, there’s a better chance things will work out in your favor. Even if it may seem tedious, planning is a big indicator you’ve grown mentally.   

Becoming more mature is a slow process, so don’t feel pressured or as if you need to rush. Take it one step at a time and remember that even the most mature people are still growing mentally. So, if you don’t do these things yet, it just means you’re still growing, which is perfectly okay!   

Have you grown mentally? If so, how? Feel free to leave a comment with a suggestion, feedback, or your experience!   

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