12 Signs Someone Has An Eating Disorder

Eating disorders can or cannot be recognizable by the way a person
looks, somebody could be overweight and dealing with an E.D such as
Bulimia or Anorexia at the same time. Sometimes it just comes in forms
of behaviors that right in the beginning can be quite hard for family and
friends to tell. If you know anyone who has similar practices or is facing
it yourself, don’t miss out on these signs.


They Avoid Eating In Public

People with an eating disorder will commonly put efforts in avoiding to
eat among other people, the reasons for this kind of action may vary as
it could be because they plan to skip a meal, because they think they
can’t put enough on their plates or even because they feel ashamed for
having a meal.


Guilty Thoughts About Food

In most cases a person who has an eating disorder will feel guilty for
eating even when they are hungry, just the thoughts of having their
favorite food or treat is enough to make them feel worthless.


Purging After Eating

Because of the remorse they feel after eating some force themselves
into purging, as in their point of view it works not just as a trick to lose
weight but also as an strategy to “fix up” their dieting plans when they
think they’ve made a mistake.


Food Restriction

In order to reach the goals that they’ve set for their body, restricting food
is almost inevitable. Fasting happens quite frequently pushing them to
lose weight faster and also helping with their guilty thoughts towards
food. As if the more they restrict the more in control they feel!


Counting Calories

As a way of keeping control over what they eat, men and women
(specially the ones with anorexia) will set limits for their calorie intake,
not allowing themselves to eat anything they haven’t planned for that


Over Exercising Or Fasting To Compensate Eating

When they think they failed at whatever challenge or goal they had,
fasting becomes the fastest “solution”! It’s like paying their eating
disorder back, so they don’t feel like they are falling behind on their


Fear Foods

After so much restriction some people may start to develop fears
towards food, food begins to haunt them worse than ever before and it
all happens because the fear of failure is bigger than their cravings or
their hunger.


Eating Uncontrollably (binge eating)

If we keep us too compelled from the things that we need and love, it
gets to a point where it’s almost impossible to remain limiting ourselves.
It becomes unmaintainable to our body working without fuel, so you’ll
just be driven to episodes of eating uncontrollably until it feels mentally
and physically satisfied.


Body Checking in Mirrors

Losing weight becomes an illness, an obsession and as any obsession
it’s out of control. Individuals who are constantly aiming to lose weight
will look in mirrors trying to find the results of their sacrifice.


Over Weighting

Try to be attentive to these signs, do you catch yourself stepping up to
balances more than the usual or do you have a friend who does? Why
does this happen and have you or your friend’s relationship with food
changed? Caring too much to the numbers that you see might be an
alarming sign that dieting has become risky to you.


Distorted Body Perception (body dysmorphia)

Having a distorted perception of your body might indicate that you have
something called “Body Dysmorphia” which is not being able to see your
body like it genuinely is, forcing you to believe that you want or need to
make changes for things that aren’t real.


Clothes Style Changes

Baggy clothes will oftenly be more seen on people struggling with an
eating disorder, it’s an attempt of hiding from their friends and family
their weight loss. Contrarily some begin to wear more revealing clothes
in order to flaunt their physical change.


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