6 Signs You Should Move on From a Relationship

Relationships can be tough. They may not always be filled with constant romance and perfect dates. There may be some difficult times in any good relationship. A good number of couples can still manage to hold on together if the partners involved bring trust, respect, and kindness to the relationship.

But other times, no matter how hard you may want to hold onto your once-perfect partner, some you just need you to let go…

I won’t let go Jack! I won’t let go!

To help you pinpoint the behaviors that may mean it’s time to let go of your beloved Jack Dawson, here are six signs you should move on from a relationship.

1. There is a Lack of Trust

Trust is an important part of any relationship. In fact, scratch that – it’s a huge part of a successful relationship.

Partners should always build their relationship on trust, along with other important qualities and values (such as kindness and respect). If you don’t trust your partner, how can you ever move forward as a couple?

You may find yourself always questioning where your partner says they are when you’re not around, where they go, or what they’re doing. Which will often end up leading to an argument for most couples.

Did Jack ever lie to Rose on the Titanic? No! And Rose still got tricked into thinking he stole the Heart of the Ocean!

Gosh dang you Caledon!

*cough cough* Still talking about Titanic here. Mind me.

2. You Don’t Like Each Other Anymore

Ah, sad times. You once had a romance that you believe would last eons into the universe! Whatever that means.

Now, you can barely stand the way they chew before you burst out into a fight with them!

I mean there are little habits that annoy any couple. But that chewing! It’s intolerable!

Odds are, these arguments over little irritations or annoying habits may have a deeper meaning. You may fight over your loud partner chewing on their nachos during a film – when a dramatic movie’s playing like Titanic, you need silence! – but really you may have had all this pent up anger towards your spouse over other things, only now do you decide to let it out. And yes, it’s over the silly topic of Nachos.

Keep it down sweetie! Jack Dawson would never eat like that in front of Rose!

Only playfully teach her how to ‘spit like a man’ over the railings of the Titanic.

Ah, sweet romance.

The truth may be, you may have some problems to sort out – which is normal sometimes –  or, you simply don’t like each other anymore.

Ask yourself: what is it I don’t like about my partner? Do I like them at all anymore?

If your relationship holds any behavior that may be distant, rude, disrespectful, or annoying – including being chronically irritated – then you may simply not like each other anymore.

3. They Have No Respect For You

You need respect in a good relationship. Respect is an extremely important aspect of successful couples. And if you don’t respect your partner, or if your partner doesn’t respect you?

It’s time to ditch ‘em.

You generally may feel that they no longer hold respect for you. But in case you are unsure, some common behaviors that show they no longer have any respect for you are: lying, cheating, and name-calling.

And I don’t mean the ‘sweetie’ type of name calling.

They simply shouldn’t be insulting you!

Ask them how they feel! Have a conversation! Find out what’s going on in their head and if they do in fact feel respect for you.

They better show it!

All you’re asking for is a little respect!

Sing it Aretha Franklin.


Find out what it means to you.

Yeah, that’s right. It’s about you my friend. You got this.

4. They Are Selfish and It’s About Them All the Time

It’s no biggie to gloat every once and a while on your successes and expect praise from your loving partner. But, if your partner never has time for you in return? Boy do we have a problem.

People can be selfish; partners can be selfish. This can even mean they only have the time to talk about only themselves. All, the, time.

What about you!?

Do you think Jack just talked about himself on the Titanic while Rose sat on by listening? No! They talked about both of each other’s lives!

Do you think Jack just would have let Rose drown and keep the floating door all for himself? No! He let Rose have the door to float on-

Wait, does that mean Rose is selfish? *Gulp*

*sobs* -It couldn’t carry both their weight, okay?!

The thing is, when it’s all about the other person all the time? Odds are, it’s time to move on from this relationship. Try talking about it with them first if you feel strong about this one.

But if they continue to possess a selfish attitude and selfish behavior? It’s time to say goodbye.

5. You Have Drifted Apart, and No Longer Want the Same Things

-Or each other!

Aaah, too soon?

If you no longer have a strong connection with each other, and on top of that no longer want the same things in life, it may be time to move on.

People change! And you both may have become someone different from when you both first met.

That is okay! But it’s time to assess whether or not you both hold the same values and goals – if that was something important to you. Are you even compatible anymore? Can you see yourself together in five years? Ten years?

While this may be an important conversation for serious and long-term relationships, for new relationships, this is usually where you break things off.

6. You’re the Only One Putting in the Effort

Perhaps you aren’t feeling the strong connection you once had with your partner. Does that mean you should give up?

In your eyes? Never!

So you put your all into the relationship. You are going to salvage this bond you had with your spouse and build that connection again!

But… you’re the only one trying. And you’re trying too hard. Because…

-ThEy’Re nOt hELpInG!

Relationships have moments where the other may not be feeling their best. See what is going on. It may be a different story. Help them if you can!

But if it simply comes down to them not caring about you enough, and you always trying to make the relationship work while they put in no effort, it sounds like a no-go.

You shouldn’t be the only one putting the effort into the relationship. They should care enough and have enough respect to try too.

Remember, be like Jack and Rose! Be like Jack and Rose!

Just don’t die in a tragic romance movie.

If you are putting in all the effort? It may be a sign that you have to let them go.

And as much as you don’t want to, as much as you promised you wouldn’t let go, ask yourself:

What did Rose do?

She let go. She let, go.

Hey, but don’t worry.

Your heart will go on.


Written by Michal Mitchell

Follow me on Instagram and Twitter at @jackycoocoo for more articles, celebrity interviews, original poetry and more.

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