8 Reasons Why You Feel Unmotivated

Have you ever felt like you just can’t get out of bed? Whether it be schoolwork, a job, or chores, there are so many things you likely know you ought to do but aren’t able to find the motivation for. Sometimes, it’s not even the tasks themselves that make you lose initiative. It’s normal to feel unmotivated, but have you ever wondered why? If it’s not the tasks or lack of time, then what is it? Keep reading for 8 reasons why you feel unmotivated!   

1. You don’t believe in yourself   

We know you’ve heard it before, and we know how hard it is to put it into practice, but it is one of the most important things to learn how to do. Believing in yourself will make you so much happier and more confident, which is not only good for your motivation but your general health too. As you gain more self-love, you’ll find yourself becoming happier with your work and talents, causing you to love yourself even more! Of course, it’s a cycle that’s hard to start. The journey to believing in yourself is long and difficult for us all, so don’t be discouraged if you’re not there yet. Take it one step at a time, and remember that as long as you’re trying your best, that’s enough.  

2. You don’t think you have control over your life   

It can be tempting to blame other factors when things go wrong. After all, who wants to admit fault? However, while other factors do affect you, you are the one who controls your life. If you constantly blame poor results on things like other people, luck, or the environment, you might start to think that what you do doesn’t matter, making it easier to lose motivation and passion. On the other hand, if you admit fault and take responsibility, you’re acknowledging your control over your life. This makes it easier to stay motivated and work hard since you’re directly affecting yourself.

3. You think you should’ve accomplished more by now   

When you don’t see results, it’s easy to lose the drive to keep working. Especially if you’ve been working for a while without seeing any improvement. However, as hard as it may be, you should try to remember that not all improvement can be seen during the process. For example, with activities like playing an instrument, drawing, or singing, most people struggle to see themselves improving since there isn’t a stark difference between one day and the next. Instead, it’s little improvements building up. When it comes to seeing progress, try to remember that putting in the effort is an accomplishment in and of itself. Take it one day at a time and know that your hard work will be worth it eventually.  

4. You set unrealistic goals 

While setting goals is a great way to keep yourself focused and driven, setting the wrong type of goals can have the opposite effect. For example, you may want to get into a specific college, so you set “I will get into this college” as your goal. However, when it comes to achieving that goal, you have no idea how to accomplish something that big. You may start to feel overwhelmed and anxious if your goals seem so unreachable. Instead, set small goals that build up to a larger one. That way, you can avoid letting the bigger picture overpower all the smaller, equally important milestones.  

5. You only focus on the possibility of failure without thinking of the rewards  

Have you ever been scared to try something new? You may have been thinking of everything that could go wrong or what others would think. Everyone has been there, but what’s important is to try to keep the rewards and benefits of everything you do in mind. For example, instead of thinking, “what if I can’t do it,” try to think, “I’ll have gained so much valuable experience and skills by just trying!” Without thinking of the reason why you’re doing something, you may end up getting too scared and give up prematurely. Failure is a risk in everything you do, but try not to let it dictate what you can and cannot do because only you decide that.  

6. Your personal life is out of balance   

Your personal life is a huge factor in how you feel and the work you do. If you’ve recently broken up with a significant other, lost a friend, or experienced another major change, it’s likely why you’re feeling unmotivated. Without these people and the social interaction you get from them, your work/life balance can be wildly out of balance. If you’re constantly working, it may become boring and monotonous to you, so you’ll lose interest and motivation fast. If this is the case, if you can, you may want to take some time off to build upon your personal life. 

7. You’re spending too much time on social media 

Social media is great for staying entertained, but did you know about its effects on your mental health as well? As fun as it can be to scroll for hours on end, you may end up comparing yourself to others on it. Whether it be comparing your looks, achievements, or lifestyle to other people’s, doing so will only leave you drained and upset with yourself. However, social media is snapshots of people’s best moments, and it doesn’t show what isn’t perfect and aesthetically pleasing. You cannot compare yourself to social media’s standards because they are unfair and even often photoshopped. Try not to let other people’s highlights make you feel unmotivated since they don’t make you or your achievements worthless.   

8. You’re working for the wrong reasons 

People often focus on how they’re working. They try new organization techniques, buy new supplies, or make other daily routine changes. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it may not be why you’re feeling unmotivated. Have you ever asked yourself why you’re working? It could be your parents want something for you, you feel social pressure to have what everyone else does, or to impress someone. As common as these reasons are, the best way to stay motivated is if you truly want something for yourself. If it’s for the sake of someone else or conforming, you’re more likely to lose interest and get discouraged. Try to pursue things you genuinely want and can picture yourself having, and you’re a lot less likely to feel unmotivated all the time. 


Staying motivated is so hard, so if you’re feeling unmotivated, that’s okay! You don’t need to feel pressured to be productive every day of your life. It’s difficult to reach, but a balance between being productive and self-care is one of the best ways to stay mentally and physically healthy. Try your best to find that balance, but don’t worry if you’re not there right now because we all have those times.   

Are you feeling unmotivated? Do you think any of these reasons are why? Feel free to leave any of your experiences, feedback, or thoughts in the comments below! 

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