9 Types of Kisses and What They Really Mean

Ah, romance. Flowers, moonlit night, blazing candles, an alluring breeze in the midnight air?!

Mwuah! And the kisses have only just begun!

I mean… I’m talking about chocolate kisses… but that too.

Whether you like romance or not, odds are you like kissing. And if you haven’t been kissed yet, you likely will in the future. It plays a large part in any romantic relationship.

The truth of it all? Chocolate or human, you gotta have those kisses.

But, have you ever wondered what different types of kisses actually mean?

From the light peck to the passionate French kiss, there are several types of kisses. Each type actually has a different meaning that could give you a little insight into your relationship with your partner.

So, to help you find out what your partner actually is thinking when they give you a light kiss, or a sweet peck, here are nine types of kisses and what they really mean.

1. A Peck


Usually used as a quick ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’, the peck is used casually and innocently. Often couples will use the peck early in a relationship. And it’s a great way to test your chemistry between your partner as well. If you often – and only – use pecks, then perhaps your relationship is simply friendly and fun.

2. The Simple Closed Mouth Kiss

This kiss can also be used in the beginning of a relationship. The closed mouth kiss is simple in nature and lasts longer than the quick peck on the lips. A lot of first kisses are a simple closed mouth kiss as you may be testing your chemistry with your partner as well.

If you suddenly find your partner only giving you this type of kiss when you once kissed differently, it may mean they are closing off or are uncomfortable. You can usually feel if there’s tension in a kiss like this – whether it be romantic tension or the not-so-romantic kind. Next time, your partner gives you this type of kiss, see if your partner looks uncomfortable or is avoiding eye contact. If your partner now only gives you a closed mouth kiss only, it may mean something is going on in your relationship.

3. A Kiss on the Cheek

Awww. Does your partner love to give you sweet kisses on the cheek? If so, this means they truly enjoy your company that they wish to show it by gently giving you a kiss on the cheek. You could be talking with a group at a party, perhaps you said something funny or your crush simply can’t stop gazing at you, a kiss on the cheek is their way of showing they’re thinking about you. It can be silly, sweet, fun, or all of the above! This type of kiss usually means you have a good foundation with a solid friendship built around your love.


4. A Gentle Kiss


This kiss is commonly used among partners and signifies how comfortable and close the two of you are. It can be passionate and loving in nature, showing you are both deeply into each other in the moment. Kissing this way may mean not only do they have strong feelings for you, but that they may be teasing you for more intimacy in the future.

5. The Lock Kiss

You and your partner can’t get enough of each other, but one of you has to suddenly go. Not wanting to leave, you gaze into each other’s eyes, embrace for a hug, and perhaps give a quick peck as a ‘goodbye’. But, as your partner turns away, you can’t help but give one more kiss for the evening. Although your bodies are apart, your lips are drawn to each other in a romantic smooch. You just can’t help!

This type of kiss where the bodies are leaning apart as if fleeting, yet the lips stay locked together, is called the ‘lock’kiss. It means you both have a passion for each other that you can’t bear it when your partner has to go. Or well, maybe not bear it, that’s a little strong. But, you simply don’t want them to go! This kiss usually means you are very attracted to each other physically as well.

6. The French Kiss


The French kiss is used frequently among very passionate couples. If you give your partner a French kiss often, it means you are showing desire and attraction for them, while hinting at a bit of exploration. Using it frequently also means you may have an adventurous relationship romantically. It signifies romance and attraction at it’s most intense form.

7. The Angel Kiss

The angel kiss is when your partner gives you a gentle kiss on your eyelid. Like the name suggests, their acting as your guardian angel and are showing they’ll always be there for you. It’s a supportive and comforting kiss that is often given to help their loved one feel calm and loved.

An angel kiss is an important sign that shows that you both have a healthy relationship with each other that is bound to last!

8. The Hickey

The hickey can be a way to show your partner is very attracted to you and a passionate person, but it could also mean something else if they always make it a point to give you one. When your partner gives you a hickey all the time, they may be using it as a way to show others you are taken. They may be jealous and want to leave a mark to show you already have a partner.

While this isn’t always the case, if you know your partner is jealous, there may be another reason besides attraction that he may be giving you that hickey on your neck. It’s best to talk this out if you feel this is the case. Besides, you don’t want to be wearing your favorite scarf all the time. There’s only so many scarfs a woman can have!

9. Kissing on the Neck

Kissing on the neck is usually a passionate and intimate kiss that often shows your partner is a very open person. Giving kisses on the neck is sure to show your partner is very attracted to you and you’re both in an exciting and romantic place in your relationship.


So, did any of these explanations give you a bit of insight into your relationship? How many of these kisses have you used before? And which kiss do you and your partner use the most?

Let us know in the comments down below! And thanks for reading.


Written by Michal Mitchell

Follow me on Instagram and Twitter at @jackycoocoo for more articles, celebrity interviews, original poetry and more.

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