10 Extremely Fun Jobs for People Who Hate People


Some people just hate most people and that’s okay. This mindset is more common than you think. Introverts for instance get their energy from having alone or me time.  Socially awkward people are well just awkward around other people and would probably not want to be around others. Lastly, antisocial people are just people to go out of their way to harm another. With all the different types of people in this world, we still need paying jobs that will keep us alive. But how do you find one that’s for you if you happen to not like people?

In this article, a contributing writer from Psych2go, shares 10 fun jobs ‘for people who hate people.

1. Panda Nanny

This job made some headlines a while ago for its strange job description. The employers were looking for people who are willing to spend 24 hours with baby pandas, sharing all their joys and sadness. It’s like taking care of a young child except better because pandas don’t cry or throw toys at you when you don’t let them watch tv. Your employers will provide you with an SUV for free transport, meals, and accommodations.

Working hours: 365 days of the year.

Payment: 200,000 yuan which is equivalent to $32,500.

Where to sign up:  fun.sohu.com

For more detailed information: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/05/23/panda-nanny_n_5379929.html

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  1. You have listed here, 10 jobs.
    You couldnt possibly have put everything on one continuous page, that could be scrolled down…? ?? By the time i got to p 6, your ‘next’ button stopped working altogether. Ave you any idea how infuriating it is to constantly hit Next; Next; Next; Next…..its is SO ANNOYING !!!!


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