How to Turn a Bad Day Into a Good One

Who’s never had a bad day might not need today’s article but I don’t think the majority of us can relate to that, can we? 

Yeah, right! I don’t think we can but you know what? It doesn’t matter because bad days are completely normal and we all happen to have one or two (or maybe a lot of them) so, specifically for that reason today’s piece is How to Turn a Bad Day Into a Good One.

1: Allow Yourself to Feel Your Emotions

By meditating, journaling, listening to music, crying, venting to a friend or even speaking to yourself. 

The number one rule when trying to let something go is actually accepting that it’s already there and there’s no way to achieve riddance from our struggles rather than seeing that they’re there and feeling whatever feelings come along.

When we ignore our difficulties, instead of going with the flow of life we just accumulate problems that were not supposed to last in first place.

2: Shadow Work Baby

Do you know what shadow work is? No? 

Well, shadow work basically consists in exploring our inner darkness, the repressed, judged and unaccepted parts of ourselves aka shadow self. 

By exploring and letting our deepest characteristics come through (not in a reckless or dangerous way) we are able to learn massively about those rejected layers of our essence just as our most feared fears and hopes.

From shadow work we obtain enlightenment and from enlightenment we can act more consciously. Anyhow, how is shadow work done? We’ll talk about it!

Remember topic number one? Allow yourself to feel your emotions… this is the first thing we’re gonna keep in mind when starting the process because that’s actually the first step we’re gonna take. So, you wanna make sure you’re safe and by yourself because you are very likely going to cry, maybe even scream and shout. It seems unappealing I know, but we have to let our emotions flow and if it requires a little cry or maybe even some struggling, let it be. We’re releasing them!

If you want you can journal or record voice memos, just write down or say how you feel and then allow everything to come to surface. Don’t judge or repress anything. Feel, accept, be kind to yourself and work through it all knowing that you’re not all love, light and positivity but a whole being that is made of darkness and negative aspects as well, that’s okay!

3: Do Something You’ve Never Done Before 

After we felt and released as much as we could now it’s time to shake it off, we deserve some fine things too. Anyway, in order to not engage in boredom and sameness, what about trying something you’ve never risked trying before? Sounds fun! 

It can be anything. Watercolor painting, hiking, sewing, cooking, learning TikTok dances or even writing a book. Why not? Whatever you fancy!

4: Help Someone 

Have you ever felt like when you help someone that you feel better about yourself? There is some evidence to suggest that when you help others, it can promote physiological changes in the brain linked with happiness.

The reason why it happens is because it promotes us a sense of belonging which is welcoming and so, nurturing. Plus, it also holds the power of changing our perspective, especially when we help those who are less fortunate, creating a whole new point of view to one cheerless outlook.

5: Read Inspiring Quotes

Having a tough one? Let me tell you something, there are some incredible (incredible) Instagram pages that really have got the power to make us feel energized, if we just open our minds a little  bit and take some time to read and understand their caring words. 

If this is of any help, here are some uplifting profiles to boost your day:

@psych2go_tips (of course, huh?)


















Source used to help write topic number four:

Well, this is it for today’s article. I hope it was worthwhile!

Take care! 

Camilla Oliveira 

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