Mental Illness Recovery Series: Story # 52

This is the 52nd story of the Mental Illness Recovery Series. Johanna is a young lady who looks forward to a brighter future. By allowing herself to receive help she has been able to control her mental disorders. This is her story:

Johanna is a teenager from Charlottesville, VA and she is a nerd, pansexual, writer, INFJ and Ravenclaw. Her goal is to write books, go to college and be completely recovered. Johanna was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, and she currently has a therapist. The root of her mental illnesses was caused by an inner battle with her sexuality and Christian beliefs. Not only that, but both of her parents have depression, although it is not as bad as Johanna. She suffered debilitating symptoms, such as self-hatred, panic attacks, lack of motivation and exhaustion.

Illustration by: I Might Be Dead Tomorrow
Illustration by: I Might Be Dead Tomorrow

Her negative behaviors affected her tremendously, she said, “I had a lot of suicidal thoughts for about 2 years.” Sadly Johanna attempted suicide last February and has self-harmed since the 6th grade. She said, “It has gotten better, though I still have relapses every now and then.” Her relationship with others became affected. Johanna is naturally an introvert, so she does not spend much time with people. Having depression and anxiety made its worse, although it brought her closer to a few individuals.

This made her feel terrible, Johanna said, “I definitely felt alone and sad and trapped.” The turning point for Johanna was she opened up. She said, “The first person I came out to was completely supportive and really helped me through a lot of stuff.” The strategies she uses to control her mental disorders is journaling, talking it out, reading and self-care. The lesson Johanna learned from this ordeal is that she is worthy of life and happiness. She said, “Everyone is, no matter their religion, sexuality, gender, race, age, or anything else. I can get through anything because I am strong.” She now has a positive outlook in life, she loves herself and is comfortable in her own skin. Johanna gives herself alone time and keeps her friends close in order to not fall back again.

This is her advice for others struggling with similar mental disorders:

“Talk to people. I can’t stress this enough. Have a way to express yourself: painting, poetry, social media, novels, music, a blog: anything. Put yourself out there. Take care of yourself. Don’t do anything you’ll regret later. Look in the mirror twice a day and say: “I love you.” Pet cats. Watch funny YouTube videos. Go for long walks. Go out to eat at shitty restaurants. Do whatever the f you want to do to, make yourself happy. Don’t hurt other people, you’ll regret it. It’s okay to find refuge in a band or a book or a movie or a tv show or a celebrity: don’t be ashamed if someone you’ve never met or someone fictional saved your life. I’m in the same boat, bro. And I love you <3.

My tumblr is If you ever need anything or have any questions, come talk to me.”

Johanna has come a long way and I am positive she will be able to overcome her disorders. Help me make a difference by sharing your story.

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