Signs Of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Intrusive thoughts as brought by it’s own name are unwanted thoughts that come unexpectedly making you cringe over things that you normally wouldn’t but somehow when they come you feel triggered.

In some cases intrusive thoughts can lead people to develop Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, also known as OCD. This disorder not only haunts people’s minds but also make them develop certain unhealthy behaviors like the ones you’ll see below.


1: You Remember Of The Same Things Too Often

A good example of an intrusive thought for this one is: “Have I locked the door?” Well, you go back and check right? But… the same thought just keep on coming back time after time. Non-stop!

2: You Want To Fix Things Even When They Don’t Need Any Re-Touch

We’ve already gone back and checked on our lock, it’s okay now! Then, we leave again to continue on our journey but in the middle of the way that same thought returns and we know there’s nothing to fix because we’ve already done the work. Anyhow, that thought starts to make us anxious and we have to go back again and re-do the same action over and over again.

3: You Feel The Need To Repeat Behaviors

As we know that constant need to make sure something is properly set up doesn’t go away because it has now become an obsession.

4: You Feel Like Something Bad Will Happen If You Don’t Obey Your Thoughts

This is exactly when compulsions take place! We went trough intrusive thoughts, obsessions and now if we don’t do as our thoughts demand we’ll most likely feel as something bad will happen. This is why repeating the same behaviors will bring relief and so it becomes a vicious cycle.


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