QUIZ: What’s Your Mental Age?

Mental age is a person’s psychological age. Unlike the birth age, your mental age is based on your maturity and the way you think.

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    1. I’m in 5th grade but it sayd that my mental age is around 40 years old …I’m confused,I’d consider myself a little bit younger ,since at some the answer wasn’t really the one,but it was close

    1. Mentally: 48
      Physically: 18

      Well, the results disciption is not wrong and nails it almost completely. My mistakes are my stepping stones and I handle things more maturaly than most teens. I guess this explains why others come to me for advice. I’m very satisfied with my results!

    2. no you’re just get the meaning of life earlier than your age. it’s an amazing thing. cause’ many people get old. but they just idling .. followed the stream of living without tryly know .. ‘why i am alive?’

    1. I’m 26 and I got a 48 mental age. I think is good but maybe for that reason sometimes I feel misunderstood.

  1. 36 mental 42 actual. Says I handle things I deal with at an optimum level. Nice to know I can handle non sense so well.

  2. Mental age: 36, real age: 23. And I like how in the description it’s saying I can handle everything that goes on in my life, when in reality I’m internally twitching and foaming at the mouth.

  3. physical age 30, mental age 16 lol. I always said as someone who plays neopets all day and watches disney all night then plays animaljam all day and watches disney all night and then repeats, I always said I was more like a kid then an adult lol. I am just not sure weather it is because of the Aspergers, Epilepsy, Learning Difficulties or Mental Difficulties. Well I am going to play Neo Quest got to find the Ring of Xanton.

  4. The fact that your mental age is that high but your actual age is that low means that you have been through a lot of tough things in your life. It is not necessarily a good thing because it means that you have not really been living a childhood. I am a teenager that also got a mental age of 48, but this only means that I have been leaned on too much by my parents and that I have already been given too many responsibilities as a child. Same with all of you. I am not trying to be a killjoy, I am just saying that I feel bad for your situation as well as mine. I want you to really understand what it means.

  5. mental age of 55, yet physical age of 11.
    can’t say i’m very surprised, but it’s simply
    an online quiz. i don’t know what to do with
    this information.

  6. Got 16 and then 36 after changing 1 answer about stress, since I’m not as stressed as I was in my teens but I’m still very stressed, I just don’t take meds.
    Anyway, my actual age is 27, this quiz is somewhat okay, I suppose.

  7. Mental age: 27. real age: 13. Well ok im more mature than my real age and well pepole around me told me the same thing lol 😂😂😂

  8. Mental age:48 physical age: 14
    Pretty unrealistic if you ask me.
    Maybe you could ask more answers for more detailed results which would lead to more realistic results.
    Anyways have a nice day/night!

  9. Mental age: 48 Real Age:13

    Everything suited me pretty well except for the ‘you don’t panic for no reason’ 😂😂😂😂😂 anxiety

  10. My mental age was 55 while my real age is 16 at the moment. I feel like that the mental age given wasn’t as accurate as I thought. I thought that it was gonna be around my actual age. I’m surprised, haha.

  11. I’m 14 and my mental age is 36. I’m honestly proud of myself. As selfish as it may sound. At least I’m grown up mentally ya know? Don’t wanna be a kid forever.

  12. Judging by the fact that theres only 5 questions and that I got 48 as my mental age (even tho I am 13) I’m going to say this was a poorly made test. You could have done better by adding more questions, you can’t just get accurate test results from a test as short as this. Next time, add more questions to ensure that the results people will get will be more accurate.

  13. It’s not accurate, of course the quiz doesn’t know us better of the judgement would be accurate. I don’t like this answer coz it doesn’t have multiple options, I’m scared about my future as well as finding a lover. Over all it’s an okayish Job done by this quiz.

  14. Mental age: 48 Physical age: 39
    Some days I feel like I’m 80, but I’m rather thankful that I’m not just starting out in life anymore.

  15. Considering that my mental age is 48 and I’m only 21 isn’t much of a surprise to me since I’ve been told I have an old soul and deem logical to others

  16. I’m almost 16 and my mental age is 48… Wow. I knew I was a little older than my physical age but this says a lot.

  17. My real age is 12 and mental age is 55? I can see how that was the answer I received but should I be worried about my mental health?

  18. Im 19 and my result was a mental age of 48. Wow, should I be worried? Im quite proud honestly even though for the very few friends I have due to this high level of matureness, it is both a blessing and a curse, however; it is one im willing to live with.

  19. I got 16 (there was no class clown so I said explorer) and I’m 11….

    IRL: I talk like I’m 16 with a high vocabulary so I should have seen that coming.

  20. Physical age : just turn 16 today . Mental age :48
    That’s like 32 years apart. I didn’t think I could think like an adult at my current age.

  21. I kept getting 27 with the same passage and I did it over and over with different answers..what the heck.. :/

  22. Mental age: 36 physical age: 15
    I’ve been told I’m an old soul so maybe this correlates to that assumption???

  23. Breb… mental age: 48 while my literal age is 18. How unusual 😂 probably this is why I am not match with my peers and friends at school lolz. 😅

  24. It say i have a 55 year old mental age and im freaking 14 years old!!! Like dude??? Guess i have and old soul hummm???😯😋

  25. The question is which is healthy, to get a age younger than real, older or d same as of ur true age 🙂 which is most healthy for our minds ?

  26. Physical age: 19 Mental age: 55
    Have allways been drained every way possible – guess experince is key when it comes to keeping water calm when others feel the zunami


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