Five Factors of Eating Disorders

Although it is believed that eating disorders are typically portrayed to be induced by the impossible standards induced by the media, between 50%-70% of people who have eating disorders have shown that they have a direct correlation to their a biological structure. However, this is not to say eating disorders are solely due to biological factors. Environmental factors do come into play. This post is to educate people on both biological and environmental factors of eating disorders and where the information is extracted from will be listed at the end of this post.

  1. DNA

People with an eating disorder can have a genetic defect where an ESRRA gene is missing. This is an estrogen related receptor alpha gene. About one in 10 000 people have this mutation, but this mutation gives a 90% likelihood that you will eventually develop an eating disorder at some point in your life. The gene also creates isolated and withdrawn tendencies, traits seen in people who have eating disorders.

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