10 Reasons Why People Self Harm

If you’ve ever wondered what are the reasons why people self harm or
have yourself gone through it know that you are not alone. Many of us
have unanswered questions and topics that we are itching to discuss in
order to make it a safer place for me and you. So, if you are curious here
are The 10 Reasons Why People Self Harm.

1: Self harm can sometimes be easily described as a desperate attempt
of oneself to break free from an emotional cage. Like only harming could
provide them relief and serenity.

2: Misconceptions regarding to self harm have made people who suffer
from it skeptical about their own rights of validation, forcing them to
believe they are not deserving of understanding as if nothing was flawed
but the way they feel. Making life feel like a trap most of the time.

3: When life is too confusing and stressful and we don’t know how to
cope, all we want as human beings is some power back but in the midst
of trying to have control over anything people who self harm will be
easily tempted by doing whatever it takes to push themselves into a
severe form of proving that they can control it even if it’s pain.

4: It can be a distraction to one who has "bigger" problems to deal with
to feel like those problems have suddenly disappeared. The false idea of
self harming to be a reckless plot has made the world believe it has zero
importance when it’s in fact extirpating life in all manners.

5: The need to feel accepted by people specially the ones you love,
might create major pressure to succeed and to be appreciated but when
it doesn’t happen it brings a feeling of not being enough or being a
burden, driving someones to believe that only punishing themselves will
make it a fairer play.

6: Depression can as well work as a conductive lacerating way of solving
instant issues as instead of feeling nothing you'd rather feel pain in order
to have a rapid grasp of life.

7: Dealing with any kind of bullying at any age is challenging however if
we don’t have support or feel like nobody is there for us to count on, it
may conduct us to several methods of approaching fear, some of them
can be indeed toxic such as, showing to the bully that the denigration
that has been done by ourselves can keep them apart.

8: Crying isn’t achievable in some cases for various reasons as
expressing through words equally isn’t. In the moment keeping all of
those emotions seem to be way to much to bare and there’s nothing else
we can do other than to pour them out, hurting is the only way some of
us find to show to the world that help is needed.

9: Guilt oftentimes tortures people’s minds, feeling bad about what was
said and done can feel like a ghost chasing you 24/7 so when there are
doubts in how to make it go away self hatred can seem like an honest
pay back to yourself.

10: To avoid suicide people suffering from suicidal thoughts can see in
self punishment an escape valve from more serious attempts. The
psychological and emotional pain can be excruciating at times and the
need for relief might be found in the darkest sites. Even though it’s a
very dangerous place to reside in, it still feels like the greatest solution.

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  1. Cool article!
    Regarding self harm, I could also add, as I’ve been into this state earlier in my life, that sometimes people do it because they want to get the “evil”/”depression”/antagonist inside of them out. They want it out. They can’t control anything anymore but they are aware that they do not want to be in this state anymore but their will seems to small to them to manage being happy. In these times it is dangerous because, for me at this point I knew I couldn’t control anything. I was scared to jump on the rails while the train was arriving so I forced myself to go far from the rails, or I was scared to jump under a car while simply walking. I was scared because it was like there was this other thing controlling my body. But the only thing I could was trying to put it out of me even though I knew it wasn’t the way, it felt good to hope that this @#*& might be hurt and seeing blood felt even more better because it was as if this “evil” was getting out.
    Don’t get me wrong this sounds as odd to me to say this but I think it’s important to be said. Also, people do not need medications to get out of it. I didn’t use any. As cheesy as it sounds : It was a tough road but understanding and being taught self love was the only pill that helped.

    1. Omg Isadora… thank you so much for sharing your opinion on my post. I read it in the most attentive way and thank you so much for letting me know your viewpoint too. It means a lot to me!

      I one hundred percent agree with you in everything that you said and I also understand the attempt to get riddance from whatever is disturbing us on the inside. That was well said!

      By the way, none of your words are odd at all, they are very clear and explanatory!

      Thank you one more time for taking your time to leave that comment, it should be read by other people.

      Take Care!

      Pilar ♥


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