5 Key Tactics To Be a Good Communicator

Have you ever wondered if you are a good communicator? Some people appear to engage in conversations so naturally, while other struggle to say a simple “hello”.

It’s not our fault and it’s also not impossible to be repaired. That being said, if you want to improve your communication skills let’s hop right into today’s article!


1: Listen

The number one key to healthy and enjoyable conversations is for all of the participants to listen to each other , not merely hearing but considering what’s being said.

Sometimes when we feel nervous we just stop listening and begin to over think what’s happening around us. That kind of behavior can eliminate our chances to be accepted in dialogues because we’re not respecting the number one rule which is “listen”.


2: Give Correlated Answers

If we were at our job environment for example and our colleagues were talking about sports, it would be quite weird to approach them talking about the terrible date that we had past weekend, wouldn’t it? It tends to crack the conversations up! Like a gap between what was being discussed and what we instantaneously brought out of nowhere.

In case there’s nothing we can contribute with, we can just pay attention!


3: Add Value

We can add value even to the simplest things, we don’t need to talk about politics or art to make a talk be more worth having.

Adding value is about giving fair importance to a subject and showing that it matters to us in some level. We don’t need to love video games in order to talk about them, but we can appreciate the chat while having it!


4: Know Some Interesting Facts

In a conversation people usually get more involved when they are around interesting people. Those who can bring excitement to the moment.

This can sound quite difficult at first but if we take a quick look on some websites we’ll find several lists with all kinds of interesting facts about anything. By the way, did you know that there are more possible iterations of a game of chess than there are atoms in the known universe?


5: Be Patient With Yourself

Self work takes time and requires lots of patience and consistency. Don’t expect yourself to be a good communicator right at the first time you’re trying to speak to others, specially if they’re strangers.

Trust the process and trust in yourself, be gentle. It’s about the journey and we’re not rushing!


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Thank you, until next time and take care!

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